Friday, November 27, 2015

The Perfect Day

Today was a perfect example of a perfect work day!

I suppose it's not really work. Because I love what I do. I feel like I'm doing my important THING here on earth.

Today at 9am I met a lady at my office. I did a Reiki / Quantum Healing session for her. Only the spa light of the oil diffuser was on, and it was sort of dark. Not too much light through the window that I've hung with rainbow coloured scarves. The room smelled lightly of Frankincense, which I chose specifically for its uplifting properties.

At 11, I went to another lady's house. She has her own reiki table. Our session was held in her happily painted and decorated livingroom. She saw and felt much the same flow and colours of energy as I did. We chatted excitedly about it after her session, and she fixed my necklace for me.

At 2pm I had a Reflexology therapy session in my office at the Wellness Centre. We put the cozy blanket on her and played the light and happy relaxation music, while I touched the pressure points on her feet. After a bit of chat, she fell asleep. I love it when clients are comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Now, there are lots of perfect days. Some of them I read cards, or channel loved ones. (They come in nice and loud in my tarot office.) Some of them have Reiki / Quantum Healing. Some of them have Reflexology. Some of them have Holistic Massage. The best days have a happy balance between a few of these modalities.

I am so thankful for today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Huronia Museum Artists Takeover Nov 21, 2015

It's happening again! The Huronia Museum Artists Takeover!

Last year for the event, they placed me in the "War Room." It turned out to be amazing for readings. Admission to the museum is free that day. And aside from my wonderful self, there will be about 20 artists there selling their art and crafts.

I'll be there doing tarot readings, quick and fun 10 minutes for $10 reads. But I'll also have gift certificates there for sale, if you are getting ready for the Gifting Season! (For a limited time, I'm offering $60 value gift certificates (60 minute reads.) for half price. You will WIN the gift exchange with this one, this year!

Hope to see you there!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Lori, Barrie Ontario Psychic.

20 years experience in the area!

Home parties in Barrie, Orillia, Midland.

Lori Grace will be at the Huronia Museum and Huron Ouendat Village on November, Saturday the 21st, doing short 10 minute readings for $10, PLUS she will be offering GIFT CERTIFICATES for Christmas gift purchases at HALF PRICE. (60 minute readings for only $30) 
Located at 522 Elizabeth Street, Midland Ontario.

Connect with Lori Grace through Facebook!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


This past week, I've been taking it easy. I think my whole being just needed me to STOP.

I didn't feel great on Thursday, and my daughter was home sick from school. So, I rescheduled some clients and took the day off with her, feeding us both soup and anything with garlic in it.

I had no work, or bookings on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I spent time just.. being. I put no heavy guilt trips on myself for not cleaning the house, or buckling down on anything. I did do a bit of writing as it pleased me (working on a story or two.) I did a lot of daydreaming. Took many baths. Ate a lot of good foods.

I've spend the weekend listening for what the little voices have to say. Writing down my dreams. Taking every moment to just FEEL how I feel.

I didn't go to the gym all week, either. (I had just hit 13 weeks of consistently going to the gym 3 days a week.) This was an important part of just stopping for a bit. Even though it was a challenge I put on myself, a goal I wanted, I still felt like I needed to REST.

And with this, ofcourse there were revelations.

So much happened, even today.

I got to walk around the big park here, with a friend. She made me tea in a travel mug at her home, and we talked and walked by the lake, around the bends. That felt really nice.

There are going to be some changes. There are ALWAYS changes, as nothing stays the same. I feel a shift that is a natural change this time of year. But I'm feeling the end of the year coming up too (Oct 31st) and I welcome the rest that this time of year brings.

There are things in my life that are high on the list of priorities, that need more actual attention.

One of the things I did was remove the option of phone or email readings. I"m not sure how long that will be for, but for now I just had to put a pause on that. Perhaps when it's quiet in January, I'll bring them back as available.

Life is Good. I am listening.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Womens Wellness Weekend 2015 - Camp Kitchikewana

On September 18th, 19th and 20th, I took part in the Camp Kitchikewana Womens Wellness Weekend. I did reflexology and read cards during the days there.
This was the room I used for readings. I did this last year, also, and I was super thankful that this year wasn't nearly as cold as last year.
The view from just about any window at Kitchi. I wish I could stay here for a few weeks, have them feed me, and just write!
Interestingly, I slept very deeply here. (I figured I'd be bombarded with dreams and energies, because it's so quiet out there.) But my readings were FAST and good. I was pretty happy with what came through. I was only doing 20 minute readings, and I was worried it wouldn't be enough.

Again. How can I live here?
The only things I would miss would be the ability to have a LONG warm bath.


Lookit Mah Office! Psychic Tarot Readings Downtown Midland Ontario

So, there are still things to go up on the walls (Like the heavy clay sun, and the sun mirror in the picture below) but, it sure is nice to have the office space for readings!

Saturday and Sunday readings are THE BEST. My new office space is super relaxed for me, I can be as loud as the voices need me to be. The readings have been fast and furious!

The office space is small, but it's big enough! If the reiki table is out, the chairs and tarot desk have to get tucked into a corner. I'm excited to get some paintings up on the walls, and get the books in that I have for sale.

This is where the magic happens, folks.
522 Elizabeth Street, Midland. Woots!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I am Published!

It's been a while since I've had anything published anywhere (even my books at Lulu are a few years old now!)

I just got published at Elephant Journal. A little piece I wrote called "I Dreamed of You & it Came True". I"m SUPER excited about it!

Just a little something I wanted to share with all of YOU! It is a little narration of something that happened to me last week. I met a man from my dreams, in real life. Yes. This stuff happens to me.

There's more news.

The new office has been an absolute DELIGHT to read from. Sundays are my FAVOURITE days. We are relaxed, the energy of the day is laid back, and usually there's enough time between reads that we can really take our time getting ALL of the messages out for you.

I am so pleased.

More to come soon!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pay What You Can Energy Healing, Midland Ontario

The new office! Four more days! I'm excited!

How do we all feel about pay-what-you-can Energy Healing sessions?

This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I have the reiki table, I now have the space. I'm feeling SO ready. My ideas are to either make one day a week, or perhaps one day a month, open for Pay-What-You-Can sessions. What do you think? Other than that, energy work would have a regular day to day price.

The energy work works well alongside my psychic and tarot readings so very well. Having a private room, in an office building (that ISN'T my home!) makes me feel like it's time!

What do you think?


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Office FOUND!

The lease is SIGNED!  The office is one of 13, within a cooperative type space.

13 different offices that each lock for security, one communal waiting area, and one communal washroom. Free parking at the back of the building, and metered spots on the road at the front, that are only paid meteres Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

I DO believe I was the first to sign and commit. My office number is 4! Which will be wonderful for HEALING. I have been sore about giving up my old office space a few years ago. Healing is in this thing for me.

The rent is ridiculously reasonable.

It's in a basement, but not a full basement.. I have a WINDOW facing the street! And I made a decal for it.

I also have an office window that looks into the reception area. I made a poster for that, too.

Very exciting stuff. I'll be able to book weekend readings now, and be more in control of my hours!

The Universe has put this together beautifully. I take possession August 1st. I think I should be ready for readings inside fairly quickly. Right now, I only  need to find a sturdy table, that is not too big, but big enough for my favourite spread. (Celtic Cross!)

Thrilled! As soon as I'm set up, there'll be an open house, and a 10  min for $10 buck special.



Thursday, June 11, 2015

June has been busy!

It's been so BUSY!

Summer in cottage country is like that.

I'm still looking for an office space to use on evenings and weekends, for readings (and to sell all the good things I have collected and create. )  I guess the Universe is still working on the perfect space.

Still working like mad at all-the-jobs. Got a few extra days off in June and July for readings, though, so that's good!

Today, however, I need to spend time in my kitchen. Dealing with over grown potatoes and onions, and doing some long overdue baking and general "KITCHENING." (yes. It's a word. I just made it up.)

I spend some time on pinterest yesterday. I do love all those gypsy rooms. And ofcourse, came across more crafting ideas.

I am READY for a space!!!



Monday, May 18, 2015

June 12, 13, 14 Psychic Fair, Midland Ontario

In Midland Ontario, there will be a Psyschic Fair at the Best Western. June 12, 13 and 14. The admission is $5 to get in, and from there you also pay an additional fee to see the psychics at the fair at the rates they choose. 

Lori-Grace is a local reader who is available in Midland at the office on King Street on Thursdays, and for individual reads and house parties on the weekends at a time that is convenient for you and your friends.

A half hour read is a flat $30. 

For more information about getting an appointment with your local psychic reader, see WWW.THELITTLEWITCH.COM 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Short and Sweet.

It's been SO BUSY! Summer time where I live turns our town into a Tourist Town. I'm adoring my new online appointment scheduler. It's cutting down so much time in getting clients booked when we are both available.

Readings right now have been a bit 'all over'... Thursdays I read in the office on King Street. Saturdays before 4, and Sundays before 2, at the Thrift Store. And other times on the evenings and weekends are perfect for home parties.

If you are interested in home parties for 2 to 6 guests, or bachelorette parties for up to 18, best book early! My summer openings are filling up!



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015


My schedule has changed AGAIN! (Ah, the life of a gypsy.) and I'm suddenly incredibly busy. I work at a thrift store and my hours have been bumped up to 5 shifts a week (I was doing 2). I'm also still one day a week at my office downtown. And ofcourse, I have home parties and individual reads for tarot.

So, email and phone readings are going to rotate around Saturdays and Sundays, when I'm not scheduled elsewhere. It's taking me a little longer to get to them, because I have to be fresh, focused and ready when I sit down with them. Please allow at least a week for email and phone readings.

I had a look at my schedule for spring and summer parties, and those are filling up quite quickly also. My most current availability can be found on the appointy booking calendar.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Bring your own shopping bags where ever you end up today!

My lunch is tea in a thermos, a sandwich in tupperware, an apple and some cheese and crackers. (this is a new habit I'm getting into anyway. Cutting out my daily stop at Tim Hortons!)


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 2015 Free Tarot Horoscope

Aries – Four of Cups – Another birthday leaves you searching and ready for emotional healing. You are so used to your excitable pace!  Don’t feel guilty if you find you need a bit of time to just sit, observe and recharge. You’ll find your answer in a moment of contemplative peace, and then you’ll feel your firery self in no time. 

Taurus – Queen of Cups – You are the Boss of your emotions this month. It’s important that you consider your emotions as part of the balance in how you make decisions and carry yourself in the world. Being “all rational and no emotions.” Won’t serve you. Being a little more quiet, a little more introspective this month will help give you clarity in how to proceed. Above all, trust yourself. 

Gemini – Ace of Wands – WOO HOO to new beginnings to you! Your intuition is on FIRE this month! April is an amazing time for you to start something new.  Don’t  doubt yourself  when you are inspired to run enthusiastically into what has you so excited. This energy in your life is a gift, enjoy every moment!

Cancer – Six of Cups – April might find you reviewing where you’ve been all winter. This might lead you to staying close to home, or just quiet in your head. When you’re done looking back and you can come to the place where you feel thankful for all that’s been (yes, it’s possible, Cancer! ) Then it’s time to go out and face the sun. Winter is OVER, after all!

Leo – The Chariot – You’re starting to feel more like yourself this month. I mean, come on, we know that normally you have mastery over all the things that are tossed your way. However, the winter felt longer than usual for you this year. It left you feeling a little off balance (not that you probably admitted it to anyone.) This month finds you with both hands on the reigns, and confidently heading into the rest of the year.

Virgo – Prince of Pentacles – Oh Virgo, look out. You may not understand exactly the hows or whys, but you are being lined up with a quiet mystery that will ignite a passion in you that is exciting, new, and frightening. All your boundaries will be challenged. Trust me, Virgo. This is going to be GOOD. My vote is “take the risk.”

Libra - King of Cups – Take a deep breath. You’ll be called upon to be a mediator or councillor in some manner this month. It’s important that you give advice with compassion and from your heart, without forcing your will or bias in the mix. Even if it seems like your words might have little impact, stop and think clearly and sincerely.

Scorpio – The Lovers – (Like you didn’t already know. Oh, Scorpio.) exstacy, union, liberation. Sweetheart, just promise me you’ll be a little careful in your wild abandon this month.  And remember, Love requires surrender, and surrender requires choice. Love on.

Sagittarius – The Hanged Man – Everything around you seems perfectly ready. However, April will have you hanging around and waiting before you can make your move. Work on a different perspective for the situation that is causing you to feel stuck. Seeing things in a different way will help you to get rolling, and in the RIGHT direction.

Capricorn – Two of Wands – You’re looking quietly for deeper meaning this month. There is some tension around the searching. The path to it will magically open and releases the tension when you allow two separate things/feelings/ideas to creatively comingle. You have to allow the interplay between the two, or the answer or path will be hidden longer. 

Aquarius – Cernunnos – Open your eyes Aquarius. Its time to look clearly at how you got where you are, and how it is that you are responsible for it. Being able to own your part in what happens in April (or what comes to a head in April) will free you from inhibitions and restrictions. Any karma you FEEL you have, you’ve created with your own choices. You don’t have to be chained by them. The Universe is forgiving when you are open and honest.

Pisces – The Magician – Guess What?! It’s time for action! You have all the tools, you’ve had all the training or practice. April is the time to put all those skills into action. Use your inspiration and excitement to fuel you past the awkward stage of putting your knowledge into practice like a real pro!

 LOOKING for a personalized tarot reading? Come to my page for an email reading, or for a phone reading, see:…/10-minutes-for-199…
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Monday, March 30, 2015

New Party and Reading Schedule

We're getting into the busy time of year for me! And a change in scheduled availability for live readings. (Email readings will still be done for the most part on Fridays, unless there are many and it trails into Saturdays. But I'll keep you posted on the Facebook page about that!)

So, parties will be available exclusively on weekends, during the day or evenings.
One on one, Live-in-person reads will be available on Thursdays in the office, or weekend days in Midland, Ontario and area. (Which includes Penetanguishene, Lafontaine, Balm Beach, Elmvale, Victoria Harbour, Port McNicoll.)

I've listed the current party availability HERE. When we get a little further into the year, I'll have special walk in days listed here, too.

My suggestion is for you to book as early as you can, if you're hoping to have a party with me this spring and summer!



Friday, March 27, 2015

April/May 2015 Party Availability Midland Area

Upcoming Availability for home parties in the Midland area.
Parties can be simple get togethers, for 2 to 6 people.

Readings are half hour each, $30.

April 18th (Sat) Booked
April 19th (Sun) Booked

April 25th (sat) Booked
April 26th (sunday) 1pm start time

May 2nd (sat) afternoon (1pm) or 5pm start time.
May 3rd (Sun) BOOKED

May 9th (sat) Booked
May 10th (sun)

May 16th (sat) afternoon or evening (start time no later than 5pm)
May 17th (Sun) 1pm start time

May 30th (sat) afternoon or eve
May 31st (sun) 1pm start time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Theta Healing and Frequency - New Books!

I'm VERY excited about 2 new books I got this weekend! Some additional things to add to my energy healing bag-o-tricks.
I've already begun reading the Theta Healing book, and I'm eager to read more. I'm currently still in the introduction part of the book, but it's already led me to watching some youtube videos and finding them on Facebook. 

 ThetaHealing is essentially applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is - the energy in everything - to identify issues with and witness healings on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs. -

 Frequency looks similar in nature, but I couldn't decide between the two. So, the only way to solve it was to get them both. *giggle* So Awesome.
Weaving together basic ideas from quantum physics with proven intuition development techniques, Frequency takes readers into deeper concepts only hinted at in recent popular books and DVD's featuring the Law of Attraction. By learning to refine the "conscious sensitivity" of their body, readers can improve relationships, find upscale solutions to problems, and materialize a life that contains everything they want and need to live their destiny.

I've been led to these topics recently, and new it was time for more learning in this direction. The learning will become part of my practice.

I've been told that this is a step to get me to crystal healings, but this step is important on it's own.

Fun with Source!

Life is Good.
I am Love.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

10 minutes for $1.99.


The place I use to take my psychic phone calls is offering, for new-to-the-system clients, an AWESOME promo. 10 minute psychic or tarot readings for $1.99 total, with any reader. Some of these readers are normally charging $4.99 per MINUTE. (I only charge .99 a minute or so. Every reader on this site can set their own rate.)

I've been using this site for 13 years, without any issue with them having my personal information. The nice thing about this site is that the readers see NONE of your personal info, so you are completely anonymous when asking your question.

The best way to use this offer, is to have your questions written out and ready before you call, so not a lot of time is wasted in trying to word exactly what you want to say. Also, prepare to take notes or record if you can.

I'm not sure how long this offer is going to last, but if you can't get through to me personally, there's a whole list of other readers who can take your call! Click Here for the 10 minutes for $1.99 Offer!



Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2015 Free Tarot Horoscope

Aries - Princess of Swords – March is handing you some new-to-you tasks, and they’re going to require you to learn some new skills. It’s important to remember that’s it’s Okay to feel awkward! You’ll get the hang of it and be a pro before you know it. Mastering this new learning leads you to use it for a bigger purpose. Don’t quit!

Taurus – Three of Pentacles – This month is all about doing what feels good for you, regardless of who looks on or who approves. You know when something feels right for you! Trust your instinct and stay in your happy place, as this allows your quiet genius to flow through.  This will bring you the answers you’re looking for without stressing.

Gemini – The Chariot – March brings you some sudden clarity with how to make opposites work together successfully. You are GOOD at understanding both sides of the story, after all! Have your story straight before presenting any ideas this month, so you are taken seriously, and seen as clear and on point. It’s time to move forward!

Cancer – Seven of Cups – Be sure to weigh and measure any opportunities that come your way this month. March is leaving you feeling dreamy, and can make it feel difficult for you to differentiate between the reality of the situation and what you have your hopes set on. It might be easy for you to slip into making decisions based on emotions this month. Whatever your decision, remember that the choice was yours, and therefore so are the outcomes.

Leo – Queen of Pentacles – It’s not about what March wants of you, but what you want of March! This month you may find you are heavily leaned on to keep everyone’s spirits up and beat the drum of optimism. You feel the hint of the suns return and understand that your inner fire can WILL March into being energetic, full of life. You might feel like you are cracking the whip under everyone now, to just WAKE UP and get moving. You are GREAT at being a leader, use your inner optimism to get things rolling.

Virgo – Three of Swords – A big decision must be reached this month Virgo, and no one can make it for you. Although others might look on and feel like this decision should be based on completely rational things, your emotion or heart is involved and you need time to process. Yes, you’ve got a bit of time to weigh all the things you feel are important elements, but in order to restore some balance in your life, a hard and fast decision must come from you.

Libra – The Star – This is your month for finding and enjoying some balance, Libra. The Star grants you a state of grace to figure out just how everything is going to land, and how it all looks when you just let it flow. Now is the time to allow yourself to be comfortable in your vulnerability, and feel things through. There’s healing in this way of being for you. The Star grants you a calm and clarity, and that’s where you function best this month.

Scorpio – Six of Cups – This month, pay attention to the opportunity to reconnect with someone  you have history with. There’ll be a chance moment to exchange some kind or loving words, to ask or receive forgiveness, and feel extremely good with this person this month. You’ll know you’re in the right place, as you’ll feel the deepest of connection. A word of advice, Scorpio, however:  Operate ONLY  from your heart space in this moment. 

Sagittarius – Five of Wands – You’ll be dragged into some struggle or challenge this month that will require you to play along. And play nice! This will get you further ahead than attempting to over throw everyone else involved and take matters into your own hands. There might be a feeling of competition in this, but if you remember to face this matter from a place of creativity and playfulness, the matter will be solved far more quickly and with the least amount of trouble. 

Capricorn – The Hanged Man – The timing for something you’ve been working on is looking good, so why is it that you still feel like something isn’t quite right?  Normally, your sense of control over  your environment is what helps you keep it together. March wants you to get a different perspective, and just let go. For a little bit. Feeling out where you are sensitive doesn’t make you weak. You’ll find a deeper understanding when it’s all passed, just how the experience makes you stronger. 

Aquarius – King of Cups – March is going to ask you to express a deep compassion for those in your environment, and to see all the sides in order to come to a complete knowing.  A situation will ask you to be understanding and go with the flow, yet still committed and solid. Think about how those around you will feel before speaking out on what you observe going on this month. 

Pisces – The Tower – A realization  will come fast and furious for you this month. The shock of it might zap through you like lightening. After the dust settles, remember that creation comes after chaos! Although it might not seem it at the time, The Tower is a furious blessing that allows you to start brand new. 

 ***If you would like to post this Tarot Horoscope on your blog page, you must link to source: Courtesy of

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March 2015 Availability for In Person Readings.

IN Office Readings available downtown Midland between 9:30am and 3:30pm.
Please call the office to see what times are available, as these fill up and change more than I can update this page. 705 526 6900

If you want an in home reading during the weekday, please contact me for availability.

Party Readings available in your home in Midland area, for 2 to 6 people.  (Until the weather becomes more predictable!)

March 9 (Monday) In office reading openings
March 12 (Thursday) In Office Reading openings.
March 13 (Friday) Party Availability 6pm start time
March 14 (Saturday) BOOKED
March 15 (Sunday) Party Availability 1pm start time

March 16 (Monday) In office reading openings.
March 19 (Thursday) In office reading openings.
March 20 (Friday) In office reading openings.
March 21 (Saturday) BOOKED
March 22 (Sunday) Party Availability 1pm start time

March 23 (Monday) In office reading openings.
March 26 (Thursday) In office reading openings.
March 27 (Friday) In office reading openings.
March 28 (Saturday) BOOKED
March 29 (Sunday) Party Availability 1pm start time

March 30 (Monday) In office reading openings.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Putting the Funk in Function.

So. In the blink of an eye, I find myself with an Adminstrative Assistant. 

It actually has been a long time coming. But I wasn't actively looking for one. The Universe SENT him however, and so I said YES! His main function, other than helping me mind the Lori Grace Reads Tarot page, is to kick my butt.

It's been a long hard winter.

There are email readings waiting. Let me tell you what is going on. Let's get real for a minute.
Painfully, truly real.

Normally, I like to keep it on the light side. I'm supposed to be here for YOU. You don't need to hear about my stuff. But, I think that I need to just get this out, so you'll GET it.

So. Let me chew my cuticles till I figure out where to start....

Mmmkay. so, Winter is hard. I'm nearly completely self employed. This means money doesn't just COME. I need to work for it. Every day. Every winter I worry about money. And when the worry gets too much, I CAN'T read. Because I don't want to be thinking about what I'm earning when I read for you. I want to be all the way connected to you and Source (or the Universe, or my Guides - what ever name you give it. )

So, then I get into a cycle of "I"m stressed out about not earning what I need, and therefore I cannot work."

And then I have to dig myself out of the FUNK, so I can function again.

So, Daniel and I have been friends for some years. He has experience with being an Admin for other facebook pages and groups. He's also a student and seeker of TRUTHS. For every reading or question I've ever answered for him, he's brought something good to my attention. (He introduced me to Channelling Erik!)

So, as well as doing administraty stuff, he'll be an important Cheerleader.

Sorry I've been absent. I'm digging out.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tarot Reading at The Huronia Museum. More Photos!

More photo fun from the Huronia Museum Artist Takeover event on Friday, January 30th and Saturday, January 31st.

Day 2 of the Museum's event was faaantastic! So much great energy, and I was SO pleased at how well behaved the all the energy attached to the War Room's contents behaved!
Lori-Grace, The Little Witch With Cody Oschefski. Huronia Museum Midland Ontario

Lori-Grace, The Little Witch with Alex Banman from Oils by Alex.  Photo by Britanny Poo-Ba. Huronia Museum Midland Ontario.
It was a wonderful day for readings. I always feel BAD when people weep when they don't expect it. But, I also feel happy that we touch the beginning of their healing journeys in these readings. I felt all the love!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Midland Ontario WINTERFEST Tarot Readings!

They've set me up in the WAR ROOM.
You have NO IDEA what a big deal this is for me. The phrase 'War Room' ... In some of my magical/meditative workings, I GO to a place that I call the War Room. Although I haven't been there in ages. I guess it's time to go back and see what's happening.

Anwyay, pictures!!!

Crystal Ball, and the three decks. Aw yeah

It's a fantastic space to read in!

Lori-Grace Tarot Promo stuff.

The room is mostly enclosed (aside from the extra wide door.) and I needed to have a chat with all the STUFF and old photos to make sure that no one was going to try to just 'come on in' and have chats.

I did 7 readings last night (Friday, from 5 to 8), and TODAY, I'm there from 9 to 3. Seven hours!

I'm up early to do some stretches, prepare some food, and drink the tea and get breakfast one AND two into me before leaving.

The museum is full of artists (and so many familiar faces!). There REALLY was a party atmosphere going on last night! I'm eager for all the connections today!

I did some awesome readings last night (and totally went over the 10 minute limit with most of them! Ofcourse.) I'm feeling pretty revved up and excited for today!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Huronia Museum $10 Winterfest Readings

Winterfest Reading Special!

On the eve of Friday January 30th, and during the day between 9 to 3 on January 31st, Lori-Grace will be at the Huronia Museum doing readings. The readings will be $10 for 10 min reads, so have your question prepared in advance. 

This is also an opportunity to meet and greet with Lori-Grace to book a full private reading or a party. 

You are welcome to record your reading on your phone to listen to later. 

There will be other artists and crafters on site for the sale. For more information see:

-LG's Admin Team

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Like to Rock The Party!


Seriously. This gets stuck in my head sometimes. Heheh. I love these guys.

So, PARTY or individual reading openings coming up! This is a great time of year to ask about the year ahead, or how your goals are coming along.

Monday, January 19th : In office between 9:30 and 3:30 OR home party/read at 7pm
Tuesday: Booked
Wednesday: Booked
Thursday, January 22nd: In office between 9:30 and 2pm OR home party/read at 8pm
Friday, January 23rd: In office between 9:30am and 3:30pm OR home party/read at 7pm.
Sunday January 25th: Home party at 12pm or 7pm

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Wild Wood Tarot - The Archer

I have been spending a lot of time with this card.  
It's The Archer from The Wild Wood Tarot. 

 When I'm learning a new deck, I 'sleep' with the cards, each individually at first, and then a few together. I meditate on the card, read the book description, then put the card beside my bed where I can see it when I wake up. From there I "go into" the card to explore it.

Sometimes I'm hanging out with the characters in the card, or just exploring what there is to see.. but with THIS card, I've been BECOMING the archer. Hanging out with these two dogs. (What kind of dogs are these?)

Normally I'll stay with a card for 3 nights max. But this one, I just don't feel ready to let go of. I'm wandering around the edges of the forest, and these dogs are so well behaved. And I'm feeling it around me during the day - The helmet on my head and the dogs pacing me.

Last night in bed, I wondered what the Rider-Waite equivalent would be, and I guessed The Chariot... upon checking this eve, I was right! (I'm sort of awful with the numeracal value of the Major Arcana. Their stories have always been more important when it comes to memorization.) During my visualizations, the dogs have always been one male, one female.

The interpretation from the book:
Meaning from the book: The dawn of a new adventure, folded in the web of universal potential, waits for you to string the bow of your imagination and loose the arrows of creativity. This is a time to be bold and commit to the hunting of new life and a better relationship with the world, as well as the fulfillment of wholesome ambition. Take a moment to gather your tools and steady your state of mind. Take careful stock of what you want to achieve, why and how you will go about it. Then harness your potential by filling your quiver with all the talents, knowledge and cunning you possess and string the ‘bow of burning gold’ with the ‘arrows of desire’. Take a deep breath and be calm. It is time to let your soul take flight.

 So, after looking at all the things, it makes sense that I'm hanging onto this card in my work with the deck. I've been focusing on a goal, putting lots of attention on it to make it all work out. 

Hanging with the dogs have been interesting, though. I'm a cat person. It's been a learning experience.