Friday, August 11, 2017

Reiki classes in Autumn. Midland Ontario.

I look forward to September. Every year.
Everyone else gets excited for summer. And when it's over, they are so sad.
Not I.

For years and years, summer has been ALL about work work work. (except for that one summer, 4 years ago, when I took the summer off and went into insane debt in order to do so. Another story. Another time.)

So, summer comes and I get anxious. I book my days so full, with all the things that I do. Being mostly self-employed is like that, and I live in cottage country. So, work like a horse all summer, and think about all the days off you'll have in January. And February. Sometimes December, and March too.

I'm sitting here, looking so forward to September. Because the town gets quieter, my work load gets lighter, I have less to juggle, and can spend time being in love with the beautiful area I live in, cleaning up the yard, and relaxing.

Right now, though, I'm planning my Reiki course, and looking forward having the TIME to relax with students and clients. Knowing that I can have some time once a week to chill in my tarot room with some relaxing music, while the September sun is still warm and loving.

I think I'm just an Autumn person, anyway.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Reiki Classes in Midland Ontario

I'm thrilled to be JUST SO CLOSE to ready to start up the Reiki classes in Midland Ontario. My manuals are just all edited and ready to go to the printers, Certificates for the students are all set for personalization!

In Level I , you will learn about the history of Reiki as a healing modality and tool for enlightenment. You will explore how Reiki works and begin practicing using this amazing energy with yourself.

In Level II , you will learn how to perform Reiki from a distance as well as how to use aspects of the Reiki energy to clear unwanted habits and manifest your goals.

In Level III, you will learn how to teach and perform attunements on others wanting to utilize Reiki for themselves.

Using Reiki in my own practice has added such a beautiful energy to all my other healing work. I use in in my Reflexology sessions, and when I do psychic and medium work. I have been a Reiki Master since April 2016. 

 These courses can be used as a way to enhance personal growth and/or work on any imbalances within yourself or those around you.

Individuals wanting to add Reiki to their current practice or wanting to begin their own Reiki practice will benefit highly from this course.

Also, individuals wanting to teach Reiki to others will have the material they need to do so once they have completed all of the courses.

I'll be teaching these courses in my downtown Midland office. Connect with me through my website, to inquire about Reiki courses in Midland Ontario.