Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lori-Grace is a Super Hero.

First, check out this work that a friend drew of me. Yes. I walk around thinking I look like Super Lori-Grace ALL the time now.

Mark Tumber ( ) lives nearby, and we've been friends a long time. I asked him to make me look like a super hero, complete with muscles. He took my facebook profile pic and made this happen!!!

Also, if you are looking for a reading, and I'm NOT available (summer has been distracting to me!) Check out this site where I do my phone and instant message readings. There are a TONNE of great readers there. Yes, I'm there too, just not as often, until September. They offer FREE Tarot Readings for first time users. If you like, you can search me there after you create an account, and I can do your reading there over the phone.

I've been doing readings at Inspirations downtown, although I won't be there this coming Saturday. Fridays are a possibility for those who can't come in on Saturday, and as always I'm available on Sundays for parties in the area.

I just got back from doing a party. There were all kinds of things I wanted to write... but I'm very very sleepy.