Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in Full Force - In TEN DAYS.

You know what I'm excited for??!?  Getting back to readings!

I've had a major role in a theatre production - It's been all encompassing for the last 3 months. Memorizing lines is hard work! I HAD to take this role. My guides spoke up, and I always listen.

The show is on right now... the last show is on Friday, June 7th. I haven't been doing any readings in this time, as memorizing the lines have proved FAR more difficult than I remember it being. (The last time I was in a production, was before the "Big Floppy"... synopsis:  in March 1, 2011, I fell down. It behaved like a stroke. No diagnosis. I'm thinking that it may be harder for me to memorize lines because of this thing.???)

I'm doing my best to be in each moment in this experience. Because my Guides have said that something important is coming of this experience. But there is a part of me that must look ahead.

I'm eager to be back to readings. I'm eager to feel more connected to Spirit. (When I'm delivering messages for others, it feels like my Guides and I have more opportunity to visit. hehe.) I'm also eager to be home - take care of my home, my garden, and making big things happen.

I've been chatting with Spirit more often in the evenings. Taking notes. Doing my 'semi-automatic' writing, and stashing the notes.

So, lf you've been waiting patiently, I'll be back at it full force after June 7.  (only 10 days away!)