Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just Keep Swimming.

You know that thing I sometimes say when I'm doing a reading that goes like:

"Sometimes you gotta just get through the shit in order to get to the good." 

or some variation of that?

Yeah, in my own life, I just finished with a pile of that. Well, maybe not total shit, but man it was CHALLENGING. But I did it. I stayed calm. I stayed focused. I found the laughter. I worked hard. It felt good to persevere. I had to keep my chin up and think "It's all going to work itself out. I'm showing up. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. The big reveal is gonna be SO AWESOME."

 And BOOM.  

 All at once it all fell together. All the hopes of the goals. In ONE WEEKEND. What the heck? Persevering AND staying conscious and engaged in each moment, put me in the right place, to talk to the right people. I was in the right place by accident and was inspired to talk to the right people put in my path because I was consciously open. And I put myself out there.

So, what happened? So much.

Ran into the PERFECT candidate to take my shifts at the thrift store, while standing and sweating like a madwoman at my craft booth at the Cupcake Festival in Penetanguishene.  Perfect, because she used to work there, and was amazing at the job. I love the thrift store, but my own businesses are so busy. I let the universe know that something exactly right had to happen, as I didn't want to leave the boss lady at the thrift store in the lurch, and I needed to be able to say YES to more clients.

Later, while at the Festival, I was approached by someone who is coordinating booths for Pirates of the Bay in Penetanguishene said she had been thinking of me, and did I want to set up a Booth to read cards as The Little Witch ? HECK YES! And I get to dress up like a pirate witch. hehehe.

This is what I will imagine myself to look like. I probably won't come close though. heheh.

AND THEN, while STILL at my booth later, a woman came around advertising the Coldwater Steam Punk Festival. I asked her about booths, and she said she was completely booked. I said that was okay, and she gave me info for next year. I gave her my card. Yesterday, (Monday) I got an email saying they had a last minute cancellation and would I like to come and read cards? YES YES YES! And, I get to dress up like a Steam Punk Circus Reader! (Madame Petrovski. Knows All, Sees All! haha.)

Like this, but with more steam....punk.

And on Monday, I had lots of Reflex clients, and one asked if they could rebook their next monthly appointment on a different day than Monday (since her usual Monday was already booked at her best time.) and I was able to say YES! Since we've found a replacement for my shifts at the thrift store.

So, that was a super long story. But my point is that good things come from where you least expect it. I like to be open to it, and trust that everything comes as it should.

Yes, I have ups and downs. There are better days than others. But I really believe if we power through the shit, with our best foot forward, doing the best we can with the skills we have, eventually we get our reward.

And after the reward, usually a new set of challenges. It's the Universes way of keeping things interesting, I think. How boring would life be without a few plot twists?

Chin up. Trust your inner self, by what ever name you call it.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Freddie Krueger.

Freddie Krueger. Remember this fictional character?

He ruined horror movies for me forever.

My 8 and 9 year old self used to watch the occasional horror film at a sleepover. Around aged 10, the world introduced Freddie, and he was the most TERRIFYING horror dude ever. Because he got into your dreams.

Dreams were so vivid for me, from a little wee kid. I would confused dreams with what really happened in waking life all the time. By the time I hit 10, I was starting to enjoy the dreams, write out the dreams, interpret the dreams. I had some VERY present  and familiar 'dream friends' (which later I began to realize where guides.)

Most horror film 'baddies' I could handle. They were ridiculous to me. Freddie was some SERIOUS SH*T. Because THAT DUDE gets you when you are most vulnerable. He attacked the spirit. Although I don't recall the movies going into spirit too much. But that's how I interpreted it.

I also started to realize at that point how fear can create, and how love can conquer. And how I had to be SUPER careful about what I put into my head during the day. Because I made things happen. At night. In the dark. In my sleep.

Then, I began to read Stephen King Novels. Because CLEARLY I had some stuff to deal with in this Fear/Love thing. There's a story he wrote about a bunch of Vampires and at some point someone has a cross and they are holding it up and it's repelling the Vampire. Some sort of word play happens, and the man doesn't have the cross anymore, and the man loses belief that the vampire can be repelled.... and just before the vampire eats him, he reveals that the power is in HIM, has nothing to do with the cross...

So, I think I was 12 when I read that book, so I'm sure someone will let me know which story it was... But THAT was the wake up point, I think.. .OH, THAT'S where the power comes from. Love. Belief. Trust.

This long blog sort of has become a run on sentence, a half assed essay. That's okay. Maybe we can have some discussion about manifesting, creating negativity, and how love protects and keeps us safe...


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lazy Sunday

I haven't written in so long!

I've been actively vlogging however on youtube, so I feel like I haven't really been away.

So. Hmm. What's new with me.....

Oh. I signed a lease on another office space to house all of my crafts and art supplies, that are currently eating up all the space in my livingroom. I'll be bringing all the things over there to make the art dolls and goodies. It's in the same building and hallway as my Tarot and Reiki room. This is very exciting to me.

I was supposed to go to market this morning but I woke super early with a headache that threatened to become a migraine. So, I've been working on my Google presence with my Reflexology site instead. Later I'll mow the lawn, and cook some food and do some laundry and ... This isn't very exciting, is it?

I'm gearing up for a busy week. I will enjoy this lazy Sunday. With this lazy blog post. ha!