Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mon August 27th to Sept 2nd Availability

In person readings take half an hour. For parties (2 to 6 people) budget half an hour per person.

Monday August 27th - 6:30pm to 8pm (finish by 9pm.)

Tuesday August 27th - 6:30pm to 8pm (finish by 9pm.)

Friday August 31st - 6:30pm to 9pm (House Party Availability ONLY.)

Saturday, Sept 1st - 11am to 5pm (House Party Availability ONLY.)

Sunday, Sept 2nd - 6:30pm to 8pm (House Party Availability ONLY.)

I am ALSO available during these times (if I'm not in a live reading.) for PHONE or Instant Message Readings through the call button links on the left column of this blog.

To book your reading time, please send an inquiry through the website appointment request form at:

This is a RARE week where I have LOTS of availability! yay! Lori-Grace

Saturday, August 18, 2012

No Live Availability This week??? Gah.

It's Saturday, August 18th, and I've been sitting here all day trying to figure out what times I might be available for live readings... and I can't find any spaces at all, until September. This frustrates me a bit. Because I need to work! However, I'm still available for email readings, and instant message readings in the evenings. I got a pile of GREAT books this week - Reiki, Reflexology, Alternative Medicines, Herbalism... I'm going to have to clean off the junk shelf to fill with all of these great books! I also got many bunches of dried sage, some feathers, and was gifted with the perfect smudging shell... all the things I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of. The house got a round of Negativity Banishing yesterday. I've been a very very busy lady this passed week, and it looks like the next two weeks will be much the same. I'm also gearing up to do the live portion of my reflexology course. I'm nervous and excited about it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Books for Beside the Bed.

This is how I've been filling my time. SO many great books have been coming my way!

I've been reading through Helping Yourself with Foot Reflexology by Mildred Carter. The bad black and white photos of everyone in beehives is fantastic. Descriptions are good about placement, but not so much with techniques... Still. You must read the classics.

 I love these books. I have one on Aromatherapy too. They have great pics and diagrams to help understand. I think the passages are too short though - I seem to be whipping through them too fast. Still, good reference.
 I only opened Accupressure Acupuncture without Needles by J.V. Cerney.. the diagrams are beautifully drawn of the body, meridians, and some technique drawings. Don't you miss when diagrams for books had to be handdrawn, due to lack of computer? Yes.  I haven't started reading it yet. It's on my list.
 I'm not quiet sure why I needed to own this: Inner Cleansing by Carlson Wade. As you can see, the subtitle is "How to Free Yourself From Joint - Muscle - Artery-Circulation sludge. It might be that this will have some good biology stuff in it...
 Now, this I have been reading and really enjoying. Your Hands Can Heal - Learn to Channel Healing Energy. It's really simply written and straightforward, but giving enough detail so I don't feel I'm reading total candy floss. However, it's easy enough to digest that I've been reading it before bed. Bzzt Bzzt.
 The Science of Everyday Life. Again, not sure why, but I needed this one. It's not incredibly thick (185 pages.) but what caught my attention was the bit on the back:  "What causes Deja vu? Why do dogs look like their owners? What's up with insect swarms? What's the science behind showing your tongue? Do you keep drier by walking or running through a rainstorm? Seems like a ridiculous fun read, with a bit of science thrown in.
 And Wealth 101.. My M.I.L. bought it for me on a walk downtown. (We went down to Art Walk in Midland AFTER the storm had rushed through. There was very little else to do but peruse the shops.) Anyway, this book really has little to do with Money... a fun and easy read, sections broken up into about 2 page sections.
 Again.. Haven't cracked this one. Zen and the Art of Happiness... but COME ON. The happy Buddah gets put in your palm, and you MUST rub the belly... this is going beside my bed.
 Finally Edgar Cayce on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I picked up a book when I was 17 called Edgar Cayce on Atlantis (and I still have it.) published by the same publisher. This most likely didn't cross my path till now because I wasn't ready to read about Jesus before...

So, although I've only done a handful of Tarot readings this week, you can see that I've had my hands full with book reading. Oh, and add the course readings for reflexology to that too!

Lori-Grace's Recommended Reads from Amazon

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes, something something.

I have been presenting with a new... something.

It's interesting to learn a new dance, step out of my own comfort zone, and FEEL out the whole new experience. I've been running with it, and it is deliriously enriching. A whole new, in the moment, completely conscious work - which really is pleasure. I think I'm learning just as much in this.

I am so thankful for all the things.
I feel alive.

It's not much, but I wanted to share.

Blessings, sincerely.