Thursday, April 18, 2013

Old Tarot Kitty says NO to taxes! And YES to NAPS!

Clearly, Old Tarot Kitty thinks I should also go have a nap, and not worry about getting the pile of pages she's napping on in order, to do my taxes.

I've been putting this off. All month. Possibly longer. As I usually have ALL of the things I NEED for taxes by the end of February. Mid March at the latest.

I think there may be little incentive this year, as last year there was no tax refund... and I don't really expect one this year either. A well. First blog. Then Chocolate. Then taxes.

Home with a sick pixie today. My datebook as been back to back, flourescent marker everywhere ... so today I had to cancel a bunch of things to be Nurse Mommy. And that's okay. I am finding it healing for both of us.

I put her in the bath for 10 minutes with epsom salts.
Then, checked on her to make sure she was settled in bed.
Then, I got in the tub myself.
Then, she came in and had a barf. So. That was healing.

This afternoon I did a reflexology session on her, while we watched Wreck It Ralph. (she watched. I listened, with my back to the TV.)

Now. I"m here. Avoiding Taxes. Again.

Old Tarot Kitty is too soft and cute to move, though.

Purr Purr Purr.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Weeks availability - April 14th to April 22nd

Well, gang, there's not a whole lot of live availability this week.
I'm currently working busily on remembering lines for a play I will be in! The play is not till May 24, but I have a LOT of lines and rehearsals to cram in there.

So, this week:

Sunday, April 14th - 7pm - Home Party Availability Only. 2 to 6 people.
Monday, April 15th - N/A
Tuesday, April 16th - N/A
Wednesday, April  17th - N/A
Thursday, April 18th - N/A
Friday, April 19th - Any half hour between 10:30am and 2pm
Saturday, April 20th - Any half hour between 10:30am and 2pm

So, that's it! I already have a few people who have been given the opportunity to take Saturday, but have NO confirms in my dayplanner - first to confirm gets them!

As always, emails can be sent anytime - I generally peek at those as I can throughout the day when I have time.



Card of my Day - The King of Cups

 Today, in asking for my own guidance (after doing a handful of readings for others over email today,) I pulled the King of Cups.

For me, the King of Cups has always simply represented someone who is strong, confident, and mature in all things emotional. Matters of heart, matters of art or culture or creativity.

Today, however, I felt like there was MORE to this card... when I only pull one, the whole story has to come from one, instead of 3, or 7, or 10! So, I looked at him to try to get a better feel for what he wanted to tell me. The Hound behind his chair peeked out at me, but that wasn't what I was looking for. Then I focused in on this little bit of the card. First, it was the belly and the placement of the belt, and the thickness of his thighs, that caught my eye. The colour Red.
I wanted to rub his belly like a buddah. and then I saw the crab at his feet. The sign of cancer, a water sign, right at his toe. Is this about wearing armour to protect my heart, but crawling to this Kings feet anyway? There's a gap in the rock there, that prevents the crab from getting any closer... Is the message about that? and THEN I saw the dolphin.

I have NEVER seen the dolphin in this card! Right at his HAND. As if to eat out of it, as if to be TRUSTING and come in for a pat on the head, up through the current that it looks like it should be caught in.

I'm going to meditate on this. In the Tub. The King of Cups will be right at home with me, in all that water!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 2013 Free Tarot Reading Draw!

Every month, for my Facebook Fan page members, I do a draw for one free email reading question. What do you have to do to enter my draws??

Like my Tarot Page at Facebook. That gives you ONE entry and one comment on the FREE draws blog entry. (below, here at Blogger, since Facebook does not allow draws or contests on their pages.) If you are already a "liker" on the Facebook page, you can enter every month.

Each month, SHARE my Facebook page among your Facebook friends, and you get a SECOND entry into the draw.

Each comment must be a separate comment. One for "liking." and one for "sharing." Please be sure to leave your name in the comments, if you are posting as "anonymous."

I'll be using to choose the winners.

This draw is for the APRIL 2013 Free draw. The draw will happen at the end of the day on the last day of April 2013, and then I'll start a new blog entry contest for May ! You can also follow this blog, here at blogger, to see when the draw is done and when the new contest is up - although I'll be posting the winners of these at Facebook.

Thanks for connecting with me on Facebook!