Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tarot Classes, Reiki Classes, Bliss Business Coaching

Once again offering classes, and now offering Coaching!

Classes available will be:
Learn to Read Tarot
Learn level 1 Reiki (2 to follow)
Learn Reflexology for Wellness

Classes will be held downtown Midland. I'm working on the details! 

COACHING is suitable for anyone in the business of living their bliss, and wanting to earn some income from it (whether you use it as a "side hustle" or want to make it your full time gig.

How and what to charge
The best way to collect payments
Do I need business banking?
How to promote and market
 How to develop a brand
 What online tools you should be using
How to run a Bliss Business on a small budget
 How to use Facebook, Pinterest and other online forums for business building

and many other topics when it comes to the how and why of running a Bliss Business. 

Join me at Facebook or connect with me through the website for more info on Classes and Coaching.