Saturday, February 22, 2014


I have a part time Joy in my town. I hang out at a thrift store. Touch all the things. Bless things that come in that have creepy energy. (It happens.) Also, things that have energy attached to them, from people who have passed. (We get house clean outs sometimes from people who have passed. I talk to a lot of spirits here. Quietly.) And, I make connections with WONDERFUL people here, too.

I also help out with taking photos for their Facebook page. I just have ALL the fun with it. This is me. Taking a photo of a MIRROR that's for sale.

 Photo bombed by a baby on a potty.

So, I'm doing phone call readings this morning. This is something I'm going to be making myself more available for now. Ofcourse, I still LOVE doing email readings, too, and will still be doing lots of those. Email readings are great if you want to have the physical reading to refer to for the coming days or months!

So, I guess I had better make sure my reading room is set up, and stop posting selfies.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Are The Villagers "Girls Night Out."

We Are The Villagers is an organization in our town that helps children get involved in extra curricular activities, who might not otherwise have the opportunity due to the cost of some of these programs. WATV welcomes them into the "Village", and pays for the programs for them.

And what's even nicer, is the little Villagers have their choice of programs from within the community to choose from. Art, Scouting, Gymnastics, Music, Figure Skating... from what I've seen, the program is allowing kids to do what ever it is they are interested in.

On Monday, March 16th , from 5 - 9pm at The Library Restaurant, is hosting a "Girls Night Out" party, as a fundraiser for all the little Villagers. The details are not all completely worked out yet. However, I have gladly accepted the invitation to donate my time that eve, to read cards for the ladies who are attending the Girls Night Out.

I'm so looking forward to connecting with all the lovely ladies, and supporting this wonderful charity and all the heart-space work they do!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Me? Shy? Yeah, I said it.

You know how when you allow life to just flow, it floats you to your destination pretty effortlessly?
Yes, well, that thing is happening in my life right now.

I've been busier with Reflexology clients, and as always I have a steady stream of folks who come to see me for Readings. And on the other side of that, my OTHER job at the thrift store and I have not been able to line ourselves up very well. I'm busy with appointments when she seems to need me. She's hiring some more part time help, as I just haven't been able to cover what she needs.

So today I realized, since my datebook seems to be a tool for organization that keeps my attention, I'm going to have to start scheduling myself in for phone reading availability.

I know, I know, we've heard this one before. I've discovered my issue is I get an intense SHYNESS when it comes to getting on the phone. What is up with that? Once I'm ON the phone, I'm A-OK. It's just the lead-up to log-on.

This evening I'll be looking at the datebook, seeing what is already booked for Reflexology and live readings in there, and SCHEDULING myself for phone reading availability.

Of all people, I KNOW it's only painful until it becomes habit. After that, easy peasy.