Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine Ouija Board and Tarot Readings

It's a Valentine to make you squeal! Although I"m not sure how I'd feel about the spirits deciding they wanted me to be theirs.... (ooh, that got creepy, fast!)

I've been posting funny and psychic Valentine cards and messages on my Facebook page this week. Because it makes me happy. There are some super cute vintage cards out there!

My week has booked up for physical readings and Reflexology.. but I'm still available to do tarot readings for romance or love questions (or any other questions for that matter) in the evenings.

It's been so snowy, I don't want to go anywhere in the evenings. Yuck. I'll pick up evening appointments again when spring warms up the world, I'm sure.

You can join the fun at Facebook, and then peek at my website:

The Hermit is Busy as Hell.

I've been spending so much time with the Facebook page, but also just with juggling bookings and jobs, that I've hardly been HERE lately! Oh yeah, I have a blog!

A few days ago, I was driving down a road, and all but 2 of the street lights were on. I was heightened, running an errand I didn't particularly want to be running... and as I drove under those 2 lights, they turned on... one at a time. It made me grin, and give a nod to my Guides and Gods.

"Remember, in all things, there is magic, you ARE magic."

I feel in so many ways, I've been hermitting up... but I'm busy as hell. (you know, as busy as I feel like hell would be, if I believed in hell. ha!)

The next 2 weeks I have 2 house parties, a handful of readings, and all the rest of my days are booked solid with Reflexology.

I just did readings at an event, with the Huronia Museum in Little Lake Park, Midland Ontario. That even is always a great turnout and a good time. But ever since I've done it, everything is exploding. I need some self care!

I'm also opening up some hours on Sunday to get to the readings that I'm unable to do during the week, due to the Reflexology schedule.