Saturday, January 9, 2016

This week in Adventures.

The kindness of strangers connects me to deeper meaning.

A few days ago a big dumb thing happened.   A big dumb thing that looked like someone smashing my car window to get at my purse on the passenger seat while I ran into the grocery store for 6 minutes to get a sandwich for lunch.

My bad for leaving my purse on the seat. EVERYONE knows you don't do that. EVERYONE.

There was nothing really in that purse. Lipstick. Hair sticks. Tons of mom kleenex. A pair of earrings I loved. A few pages of writing I had done. I did have some ID in the wallet, and my small paycheck from one of my jobs. We took care of getting all of that figured out that day.

So, I lost my second hand purse and it's emotional contents, and my window that cost $200 to replace.

It's a few days later. I'm feeling way more emotionally stable.

So many people came to champion me. Not only loved ones, but strangers offered help, shared the story. Helped me throw curses. (Oh yes, I did.)

There's more lessons in this. They just haven't all been revealed yet.

Anyway. That's the update. Life is still good.