Friday, August 15, 2014

Challenges. I Know Better.

I am going to have to get some new tarot cards. Soon.
Functional ones. Not just ones to collect. :)

I currently use my Druid Craft Tarot for every reading. I might switch to my Rider Waite deck or my Morgan Greer deck on occasion. But the Druit Craft is the one I use most. And they are WORN.

The edges are soft, some of the cards have little bends (or in the case of the 5 of Swords, a BIG bend). Because the deck is so big, I shuffle them as if they were standing up, and it's worn the bottom bits of all the cards from where my hands touch them. (As a rule, I don't read my cards inverted, or upside down. Occasionally they will sneak into a reading that way, and that is always a cause for me to pay extra attention in my reads. However, I'll put it back in the deck right side up after the reading.)

Now, I've read posts on clipping the edges off (the borders) and using a groovy scrap booking paper corner clipper to make them have nice rounded edges. But I have yet to do that.

I guess part of my challenge is that I know I work well with the Druid Craft tarot, and that's the deck I will buy again. But, I will most likely buy another deck too. A new deck might be nice to work with.

The catch is that I'm just trying to stay afloat with bills. I'm behind nearly every month. There's no extra to buy a new deck. But if I don't have a new deck soon, I won't be able to do readings, that are paying the bills.

I KNOW. I know better than this. I know how to make the magic. I think it's just been on my mind lately, and I'm formulating how to get the Law of Attraction methods working for me, and in the mean time chewing through all the challenges.

SO. Dear Universe. I LOVE working with my Druid Craft Tarot deck. It is my tool to give great readings to people who come for guidance and answers. This deck helps me SERVE. The deck I have is pretty worn and well loved. I will use it until you deliver a new deck into my hands to replace it, so that I may continue to serve. 

The day begins! Must fly!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

AUGUST and SEPTEMBER Party Availability dates - Midland Ontario

August party slots are filling up! Lots of individual reads available, though!

If you have a bachelorette party that you are hoping to have readings at, or birthdays, or just cottage get togethers, book me early!

Monday to Friday In office individual reads can be booked through the office: 705-526-6900

MCC or Saturday individual reads and 
Party Bookings through email or facebook.

Upcoming Availability:

Saturday, August 9th: BOOKED
Sunday, August 10th: Party availability 11am only (max 6 people.)

Monday, Aug 11th: In office appts 2pm, 2:45pm OR Eve party
Tuesday, Aug 12: Booked
Wed, Aug 13th: Booked
Thurs, Aug 14th: In office 1pm OR Eve Party
Friday, Aug 15th: Booked
Saturday, Aug 16th: Booked
Sunday, Aug 17th: Booked

Monday Aug 18th: In office 2pm, 3pm.
Tuesday, Aug 19th: MCC only: 10am, 11am
Wed, Aug 20th: Booked
Thursday, Aug 21st: in office or MCC: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, OR Eve Party
Friday, Aug 22nd: Booked
Sat, Aug 23rd: Booked
Sun, Aug 24th: Booked

Thursday, Aug 28th: In office or MCC: 9:30am OR Eve Party
Friday, Aug 29th: In office or MCC: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm.
Saturday, Aug 30th: Booked
Sunday, Aug 31st: Booked


Friday, Sept 5th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 6th - Afternoon party OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 7th - Afternoon party - 1pm start.

Friday, Sept 12th - Eve Party
Sat, Sept 13th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 14th - Afternoon party, 1pm start. 

Friday, Sept 19th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 20th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 21st - Afternoon Party 1pm start.

Friday, Sept 26th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 27th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 28th - Afternoon Party 1pm start.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Midland Psychic and Holistic Expo, Ontario.

So, This is happening in town, August 22, 23 and 24th.
Someone asked me if I was going to be attending this as a reader. I can't remember who. However, it just didn't make sense to me.

To have me pay for the table, to have you pay to get in the door, and then pay to see me? I'd have to charge you a smidge more than normal. You'd have to pay to get in, and then pay that smidge more to see me. We are ALL paying far too much this way, and that's NOT how I keep my rates low low low.

Now, I'm sure there are going to be some readers there, that are from out of town. So, for them, this makes sense to be involved with this. But, live in Midland. I have an office in town. AND I can also come to you, or meet you downtown, to do your personal reading. In a quiet setting, that won't be filled with other readers and other energies. (Oh, I've DONE those shows, and normally I have a great time at them. Usually I'm doing them to support a charity, though. But, all the talk going on around us, can be distracting. Heaven forbid I pick up someone elses Great Granny when I"m trying to pick up YOURS! haha!)

So, If you are looking for an in depth, personal, and connected-just-with-you-type reading in Midland during the Midland Psychic and Holistic Expo, just drop me a line on my Facebook page in the messages. If you don't have facebook, you can just email me.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

But You Want It RIGHT NOW. And I'm MIA?

So. You are ready right NOW for your reading, but I'm nowhere to be found? Meh, it happens. It also could mean that spirit could be directing you towards a different reader, right here and right now... I'm good with that. I want you to get your best reading possible!

Check out these readers who are available RIGHT NOW, at the very moment you are ready to have your Reading. Connect right now, with your questions READY TO GO, so you don't waste any time! This is the same system I use, so if at a later date, you do want to connect specifically with me, it will be easy!

 Psychic Tarot Readers who are available RIGHT NOW! Click through.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

So. Many. Books.

I wandered into a New Agey book store today while on a visit to Elmvale. I was waiting for something to jump off the shelf and beg me to take it home. What happened was a lot of "Got it, got it, have a version of it, read it & wasn't crazy about it, got it.." I didn't end up taking anything home.

And now as I sit here looking at my book shelf I realize, there's a whole lotta books shoved on there, ones that don't exacty fit either, that have been on my "to read" list for some time. Some of those are on my "to sell" list, too.

This is one half of the bookshelf, anyway...

I DO have some titles already listed for sale at my Vintage Witch online store... There are SO many more... I could probably open my OWN New Agey type book store!

We visited Elmvale today. They have their Farmers Market and Flea Market every Thursday and Sunday. It's always got a crazy amount of vendors. So many curious things! I forgot my camera though. We're going to go back on Thursday, and I'm going to take a tonne of pictures of all the curious things!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Phone In Fridays!

NEW Callers* can get a 15 minute phone reading for only $1.99, when you follow the Secret listed on my blog!

Are you ready for Phone in Fridays?? Have your questions WRITTEN down somewhere, and be ready to absorb all the info from our phone call!

If you find the $1.99 secret TOO much work, you can always just click on the phone icon above here at my blog. New callers THAT way will get 3 minutes free. (It will say Arrange a Call or Taking Calls.)

Click it now to get in line and be first for when I become available. Have your questions ready!!!

I'm so excited!


You must be located in Canada or the US for me to be able to send you free minutes!
*New Callers to the KEEN system.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Adventure Time!

Went to the library today. It's rare that I take books from the library,because I have a pretty extensive library of my own. However:

I grabbed these. Yoga Wisdom and Practice. I am ready to add something extra to my Yoga routine. And, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. This title zapped me when I touched it, running my fingers down the spines of all the titles. Which clearly means I must read it.

And then I grabbed Head Massage, and Essential Massage. I'm still working on finishing up my Holistic Massage course, and I was looking for Indian Head massage, but this was as close as I could come. Have to drag my massage table out and get some loved ones on that table to practice!

And yes. Strength Training Anatomy. Because last night, I FEEL I was challenged to follow through on an Adventure. Which involves swinging around a pole. Hahaha! To be clear, I will NOT be getting naked. Just swinging on a pole. But most likely I will be in underwear. Oh My Gods.  Or maybe work out shorts. Those shorty short ones. And Oh My Goddess, I just don't ever want to say "I wish I had tried that." when I'm 70.

 And yes, I'm convinced that READING all about this will help my upper body strength. Cackle. However, I might be getting up on stage with all of my "Gifts of Imperfections."

I lead an adventurous life.