Saturday, January 9, 2016

This week in Adventures.

The kindness of strangers connects me to deeper meaning.

A few days ago a big dumb thing happened.   A big dumb thing that looked like someone smashing my car window to get at my purse on the passenger seat while I ran into the grocery store for 6 minutes to get a sandwich for lunch.

My bad for leaving my purse on the seat. EVERYONE knows you don't do that. EVERYONE.

There was nothing really in that purse. Lipstick. Hair sticks. Tons of mom kleenex. A pair of earrings I loved. A few pages of writing I had done. I did have some ID in the wallet, and my small paycheck from one of my jobs. We took care of getting all of that figured out that day.

So, I lost my second hand purse and it's emotional contents, and my window that cost $200 to replace.

It's a few days later. I'm feeling way more emotionally stable.

So many people came to champion me. Not only loved ones, but strangers offered help, shared the story. Helped me throw curses. (Oh yes, I did.)

There's more lessons in this. They just haven't all been revealed yet.

Anyway. That's the update. Life is still good.


Friday, November 27, 2015

The Perfect Day

Today was a perfect example of a perfect work day!

I suppose it's not really work. Because I love what I do. I feel like I'm doing my important THING here on earth.

Today at 9am I met a lady at my office. I did a Reiki / Quantum Healing session for her. Only the spa light of the oil diffuser was on, and it was sort of dark. Not too much light through the window that I've hung with rainbow coloured scarves. The room smelled lightly of Frankincense, which I chose specifically for its uplifting properties.

At 11, I went to another lady's house. She has her own reiki table. Our session was held in her happily painted and decorated livingroom. She saw and felt much the same flow and colours of energy as I did. We chatted excitedly about it after her session, and she fixed my necklace for me.

At 2pm I had a Reflexology therapy session in my office at the Wellness Centre. We put the cozy blanket on her and played the light and happy relaxation music, while I touched the pressure points on her feet. After a bit of chat, she fell asleep. I love it when clients are comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Now, there are lots of perfect days. Some of them I read cards, or channel loved ones. (They come in nice and loud in my tarot office.) Some of them have Reiki / Quantum Healing. Some of them have Reflexology. Some of them have Holistic Massage. The best days have a happy balance between a few of these modalities.

I am so thankful for today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Huronia Museum Artists Takeover Nov 21, 2015

It's happening again! The Huronia Museum Artists Takeover!

Last year for the event, they placed me in the "War Room." It turned out to be amazing for readings. Admission to the museum is free that day. And aside from my wonderful self, there will be about 20 artists there selling their art and crafts.

I'll be there doing tarot readings, quick and fun 10 minutes for $10 reads. But I'll also have gift certificates there for sale, if you are getting ready for the Gifting Season! (For a limited time, I'm offering $60 value gift certificates (60 minute reads.) for half price. You will WIN the gift exchange with this one, this year!

Hope to see you there!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Lori, Barrie Ontario Psychic.

20 years experience in the area!

Home parties in Barrie, Orillia, Midland.

Lori Grace will be at the Huronia Museum and Huron Ouendat Village on November, Saturday the 21st, doing short 10 minute readings for $10, PLUS she will be offering GIFT CERTIFICATES for Christmas gift purchases at HALF PRICE. (60 minute readings for only $30) 
Located at 522 Elizabeth Street, Midland Ontario.

Connect with Lori Grace through Facebook!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


This past week, I've been taking it easy. I think my whole being just needed me to STOP.

I didn't feel great on Thursday, and my daughter was home sick from school. So, I rescheduled some clients and took the day off with her, feeding us both soup and anything with garlic in it.

I had no work, or bookings on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I spent time just.. being. I put no heavy guilt trips on myself for not cleaning the house, or buckling down on anything. I did do a bit of writing as it pleased me (working on a story or two.) I did a lot of daydreaming. Took many baths. Ate a lot of good foods.

I've spend the weekend listening for what the little voices have to say. Writing down my dreams. Taking every moment to just FEEL how I feel.

I didn't go to the gym all week, either. (I had just hit 13 weeks of consistently going to the gym 3 days a week.) This was an important part of just stopping for a bit. Even though it was a challenge I put on myself, a goal I wanted, I still felt like I needed to REST.

And with this, ofcourse there were revelations.

So much happened, even today.

I got to walk around the big park here, with a friend. She made me tea in a travel mug at her home, and we talked and walked by the lake, around the bends. That felt really nice.

There are going to be some changes. There are ALWAYS changes, as nothing stays the same. I feel a shift that is a natural change this time of year. But I'm feeling the end of the year coming up too (Oct 31st) and I welcome the rest that this time of year brings.

There are things in my life that are high on the list of priorities, that need more actual attention.

One of the things I did was remove the option of phone or email readings. I"m not sure how long that will be for, but for now I just had to put a pause on that. Perhaps when it's quiet in January, I'll bring them back as available.

Life is Good. I am listening.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Womens Wellness Weekend 2015 - Camp Kitchikewana

On September 18th, 19th and 20th, I took part in the Camp Kitchikewana Womens Wellness Weekend. I did reflexology and read cards during the days there.
This was the room I used for readings. I did this last year, also, and I was super thankful that this year wasn't nearly as cold as last year.
The view from just about any window at Kitchi. I wish I could stay here for a few weeks, have them feed me, and just write!
Interestingly, I slept very deeply here. (I figured I'd be bombarded with dreams and energies, because it's so quiet out there.) But my readings were FAST and good. I was pretty happy with what came through. I was only doing 20 minute readings, and I was worried it wouldn't be enough.

Again. How can I live here?
The only things I would miss would be the ability to have a LONG warm bath.


Lookit Mah Office! Psychic Tarot Readings Downtown Midland Ontario

So, there are still things to go up on the walls (Like the heavy clay sun, and the sun mirror in the picture below) but, it sure is nice to have the office space for readings!

Saturday and Sunday readings are THE BEST. My new office space is super relaxed for me, I can be as loud as the voices need me to be. The readings have been fast and furious!

The office space is small, but it's big enough! If the reiki table is out, the chairs and tarot desk have to get tucked into a corner. I'm excited to get some paintings up on the walls, and get the books in that I have for sale.

This is where the magic happens, folks.
522 Elizabeth Street, Midland. Woots!