Monday, July 10, 2017

On Full Moon Nights, Maybe Stay Home....

I'm not sure if it's the full moon, but I have been on FIRE.

Before I headed out into the yard for ritual, we had gone to a girlfriends for dinner. Except I didn't eat any dinner,and I was a space cadet for most of the visit. Note to self: On full moon nights, maybe stay home. I was unable and uninterested in explaining in what was happening or what I needed. 

I DO so love the energy that summer brings to the table during readings, though.

Medium work has been strong this past week, and my full moon circle last night left me buzzing and 'out there' for some time afterwards. I felt like both feet were trying to firmly plant in that Other World. I was okay with that, and wanted to feel it out, see what came, even after closing circle.

Anyway.. Witchy Bizniz.

I'm opening up some more evening availability in my office, for in person appointments. Sundays are still the best days for me to do email readings.


Macklemore and his Gramma on 100th Birthday Video

This came up on my newsfeed today. Oh My Goodness, what a GLORIOUS video! The video for "Glorious" features Macklemore and his Gramma, getting up to all sorts of shenanegans on her 100th birthday.

I sure hope that someday my super-cool grandkid shows up with a sleek and sexy car, and takes me on adventure!

Enjoy the energy of this one, folks... It's super sweet.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chanelling Melissa Etheridge in Midland Ontario

So, it's been just over 2 weeks since the basement disaster that resulted in total voice loss. For the last few days, I've been able to sing just a little bit, but with the quality of voice I've got going on, all I can manage is some Melissa Etheridge songs. (If only I could have my whole vocal range AND this sexy rasp in my voice at the same time.)

I had planned to set up the gypsy tent on Saturday, but on Friday I got a text from one of my beloved teenagers, saying the basement was flooded. JOY.

When we arrived, we figured out that the reason it flooded was that a single pair of pants and a shirt was put in the washer, and that wonderful machine from Nineteen-Seventy-Something had bounced the drain hose right out of the wall, and drained onto the floor. And drained and drained.

Luckily, I had some masks from working during the week at Reflexology (while still fighting with a delightful cough) so I wore one in the basement on Saturday, while filling garbage bags with wet items.

The Universe just decided that it was TIME to gut the basement I guess. Who am I to argue?

So, there's still things for me to touch and consider and organize down there, but almost all of the floor got cleared. The Shapeshifter mopped hot vinegar in water onto the naked concrete floor, and we've been running a dehumidifier so much, that I'm sure the PUC is making evil genius tenty fingers in delight at what the bill is going to be at the end of the month...

But, clean basement.

And bitchin' rock n roll voice.

Aw Yis.

Lori Grace

Friday, June 9, 2017

Almost Summer! And, I've Lost My Voice

Last Saturday (nearly a week ago!) I went down to my basement to clean. To try and make some sense of what I'm dealing with down there, to start the process of getting rid of things that I don't need. Make room for some new shelves for the things that I DO want to keep.

So, I moved a lot of dust, and I think I was exposed to some mold on some old clothes that had gotten wet from being on the floor after my washing machine flooded... and I've been SICK. Swollen throat, then sore, now hoarse and voiceless. I can feel my body working overtime to get rid of it.

And still, my basement is a disaster.

Also, this has all but put a stop to me working on just about anything. Can't talk, so no readings. Coughing and lots of nose blowing, so I'm not locking myself up in a small room with anyone to do Reflexology. Even if I may not be contagious, it sure SEEMS like I am.

Anyway, that's a long way to tell you I have no voice right now.

My intentions, once summer gets going, is to be back at weekend markets doing readings, and selling the few things that I make. I LOVE being outside on beautiful days, in the tent, with a table and 2 chairs, doing readings.

My weekdays are packed, I've booked so many weekday work THINGS already for almost the whole summer. But, there are still weekends available for house parties and events.

Come and see what's new at the Facebook page!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine Ouija Board and Tarot Readings

It's a Valentine to make you squeal! Although I"m not sure how I'd feel about the spirits deciding they wanted me to be theirs.... (ooh, that got creepy, fast!)

I've been posting funny and psychic Valentine cards and messages on my Facebook page this week. Because it makes me happy. There are some super cute vintage cards out there!

My week has booked up for physical readings and Reflexology.. but I'm still available to do tarot readings for romance or love questions (or any other questions for that matter) in the evenings.

It's been so snowy, I don't want to go anywhere in the evenings. Yuck. I'll pick up evening appointments again when spring warms up the world, I'm sure.

You can join the fun at Facebook, and then peek at my website:

The Hermit is Busy as Hell.

I've been spending so much time with the Facebook page, but also just with juggling bookings and jobs, that I've hardly been HERE lately! Oh yeah, I have a blog!

A few days ago, I was driving down a road, and all but 2 of the street lights were on. I was heightened, running an errand I didn't particularly want to be running... and as I drove under those 2 lights, they turned on... one at a time. It made me grin, and give a nod to my Guides and Gods.

"Remember, in all things, there is magic, you ARE magic."

I feel in so many ways, I've been hermitting up... but I'm busy as hell. (you know, as busy as I feel like hell would be, if I believed in hell. ha!)

The next 2 weeks I have 2 house parties, a handful of readings, and all the rest of my days are booked solid with Reflexology.

I just did readings at an event, with the Huronia Museum in Little Lake Park, Midland Ontario. That even is always a great turnout and a good time. But ever since I've done it, everything is exploding. I need some self care!

I'm also opening up some hours on Sunday to get to the readings that I'm unable to do during the week, due to the Reflexology schedule.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tarot Classes, Reiki Classes, Bliss Business Coaching

Once again offering classes, and now offering Coaching!

Classes available will be:
Learn to Read Tarot
Learn level 1 Reiki (2 to follow)
Learn Reflexology for Wellness

Classes will be held downtown Midland. I'm working on the details! 

COACHING is suitable for anyone in the business of living their bliss, and wanting to earn some income from it (whether you use it as a "side hustle" or want to make it your full time gig.

How and what to charge
The best way to collect payments
Do I need business banking?
How to promote and market
 How to develop a brand
 What online tools you should be using
How to run a Bliss Business on a small budget
 How to use Facebook, Pinterest and other online forums for business building

and many other topics when it comes to the how and why of running a Bliss Business. 

Join me at Facebook or connect with me through the website for more info on Classes and Coaching.