Saturday, June 25, 2011

Advice for a Beginner Tarot Reader

I've never been certified - but my feedback speaks for me. I have 17 years of experience as well, but even if you are just starting, if you keep at it you'll get there!

I created a Facebook page, as well as a webpage, and a blog to showcase myself. On my webpage, there is feedback I've recieved.

On my Facebook page, there's also a lot of feedback. The word of mouth advertising is better than any paid for certification. (Because really, why give a piece of paper the power to tell you you are good at something like this???)

To gain experience, you just have to KEEP READING! Keep studying!!! I've been a professional reader for 17 years, and I STILL spend time studying and meditation on my cards. (I wrote a blog about how to study, too, for beginners.)

To be respected: Be respectful! Your reputation isn't something you can buy, or something you get from looking a certain way, or from hanging a certificate on your wall. It's in behaving like a professional!

What deck is best?? What ever one you LOVE and speaks to you. For years I used the Rider Waite, but for the last 2 years I've been using the DruidCraft Tarot - It really speaks to me!

How to advertise in a small community? I'm with you on this one!!! I live in a very small community. I do NOT spend money advertising. I have created my facebook fan page:

and invited all my friends to it. Then, encouraged them to share it. Also, I got FREE business cards printed up at Vista Print. That is the ONLY advertising I do. When ever I do a live reading, I simply say to my client when we are done :

"My business relies on referrals. If you know anyone who might also enjoy meeting with me, please share my card!" and I give them 3 or so business cards.

I do NOT charge an arm and leg for readings.
$30 for live readings (and I put my phone alarm on a half hour timer .)
$9 for email readings (because I can do them at my leisure.)
$4 to start for phone readings (the phone company gives me bonuses, so the client doesn't have to pay so much.)

I am a very serious reader, (I am clairvoyant as well) but also keep in mind that for your clients this is also for fun as well as a serious chance to get some guidance.

I really REALLY hope this helps - I just loved the way your question was written, and really wanted to be helpful to you!

Many Blessings!!!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Email Tarot Reading Truths

Have we talked about email readings yet??? Well, even if we have, I must have more to say :)

When I'm doing an email reading, I sit in front of the keyboard, my cards to my right. I read your question (or first question) and take a moment of silence to connect with my Guides and Source. I have 3 guides that are predominant with me. (Although there is one new one that has been showing up lately, she's not usually one to come with me for readings. She just shows up in my dreams and meditations for myself!)

There is a physical sensation that comes over me when I've made clear contact. The best way to describe it ... it's like I go a little deeper in myself, but feel a little lighter at the same time. And I SEE the Guide who is with me. I ask him/her to help me connect with you, and help me express the messages that are most important for you to know.

I'll shuffle the cards, and lay them in front of the keyboard - however, occasionally during the shuffling, my Guide will start to give me messages before I get one card down on the table. At this point, I'll put down the cards to type the message, and then take up the shuffle again.

When ever the words come directly from my guide, they will be in "parenthesis" - typed just how I hear them. Although it makes the email messages look a little strange, I type your email reading just how I hear it.

An email reading takes me about half an hour total to finish - with shuffling, questioning, listening, and typing. I never realized before that it took me so long! It never FEELS like half an hour, but I guess with having to translate and type it all out takes longer than over the phone or in person!!!

Again, email readings are great because you can hang onto it to refer to in the future. Plus, I can do an email reading for anyone, anywhere!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midland, Ontario

I'm very pleased to be able to offer live readings in Midland Ontario and area. In the 17 years I've professionally read cards in Midland, I've only had an office once.

So, now, to read new people individually, I use the Midland Public Library. It's so nice, with all the renovations done. It's a nice quiet building, and all of the readings I've done there so far have been clean and clear.

It's a very nice venue for me to meet new clients - as it's neutral ground for both of us. Sometimes I find it hard to read in my own home, as my home itself has a rather loud personality. And although I like going to other peoples homes to read, it's not practical when first meeting someone new.

Our area is a very pretty area, with so much else to do, too, when clients are coming in long distance for a reading (from Barrie, Ontario, or Orillia Ontario, or any of the bit and little spots in between.)

On occasion I will travel for readings, but this mostly happens if I'm doing an event - setting up a booth or a tent at a market or fair.

My in person readings are very reasonable, and not having to pay rent on a business commercial office brings my reading prices down by half - same great psychic reading for half the price.

The Secret

I've been a very busy lady! And for this, I am grateful. Having figured out how to help people in the way they are most comfortable (in person, over the phone, or through email.) I am able to reach out and help so many more people.

This is a good thing.

I've been consistently able to do many readings in a day, and I think I've somehow stumbled onto the "Secret" of staying fresh with it. I'm not sure if I can describe to you what it is exactly, or how it's working - because it seems to be a frame of mind.

Tapping into, or reconnecting with Source power (The Universe!) consciously each and every time I read, and then being very thankful everytime I'm finished seems to wrap things up nicely.

Also, focusing on what can be done - the positive things in a reading (after confirmations about circumstances which sometimes aren't so positive.) also makes a difference.

Into every reading, I'm open and let the messages come through me with love. That might sound a little squirrelly to some. Might make some uncomfortable. But, love in the bigger sense.. love in the BIGGEST sense!

In giving and giving, I'm recieving all the energy I need to carry on to the next reading. See, I thought this might be hard to explain. If it makes sense to you, I guess that means you're open or just plain ready to process the info.

I'm really happy that so many people are being helped!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom

So, I just got back from a live reading. One of the major differences is what a space cadet I am when finished with live readings. I can still feel my enlarged pupils letting too much light in...

Reading in person is a different kind of connection. I don't get any less messages when I'm doing a phone or email reading - but reading live is different. Maybe because I spend so much time outside my head looking with my actual eyes, as well as in my head listening for words. I really do feel like I'm two places at once.


(These are peculiar things to "say out loud" or "type out loud" I guess. Har har.)

When reading live, I can look around you and see words, phrases, scenes. If I'm reading you over the phone or email, I need to look inside for these things.

When I finish with live readings, I also have to "ground" myself with more weight, so to speak. Maybe because it's physically taking more out of me (with the looking and the hearing and my hands and arms flailing all over the place, not to mention all the ticks I get when reading...) that it takes more effort to ground after reading live than it does when I'm doing email. (Readings on the phone lie somewhere inbetween.)

I don't drive after doing a live reading. If I'm doing a party or reading out of the house, I have my beloved drive me to the destination. Ground Control!!!

Tonight after the reading, I got into the car, and even though he's used to all of this psychic business and none of it needs explaining ( his mom and I are much alike, so this is nothing new to him. Thanks M.I.L.!) he was tickled with my spacy-ness. He made me laugh with his impression of me. He opened his eyes up WIDE and put on a big silly ear-to-ear grin...

All I could think was "Good Lord, if I look that goofy, why didn't you take me straight home instead of out to the Wal-Mart?"

I'm thankful that he just totally gets, respects, and needs no explination about all my "spidey senses-psychic stuffs."

I DO need to remember to pack a muffin or something though, for future live readings!



Listen to the Little Voice

We ALL have one (or sometimes two!) That little voice that warns you, the little voice that squeals in joy with you, the little voice that tells you to take a different road home or to stop and smell the roses.

We've been taught and conditioned to edit that little voice. Sometimes to just change what it's telling us, but so many blocked it right out so long ago that they don't hear a peep.

What I've learned is, if the little voice can't reach you one way, it'll get your attention in another. Sometimes that's by making you ill. Sometimes it's just letting the thing you've been warned against happen.

Last Autumn, I started a course that involved ignoring the voices. (I refer to them as my guides.) by winter, they were completely in the backround. I continued to ignore my red flags, ignore the signs. My little voice was just so fed up, that by Spring it forced me to stop everything. I had two weeks to just sit and be quiet and listen. A mysterious health "thing" took over everything. I was on the wrong path, and it was important that I get back on track and fast, for everyone involved. This was the only way it could get my attention.

Now that it's summer, I'm fully back in touch with my guides and intuition, and enabling me to give readings for others in full force.

My advice today, is to take some time to listen to your little voice. Some call it intuition, some call it divine guidance. What ever name you call it by, it's there for you just as well as it's there for me.


Lori Grace

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making the Law of Attraction Work

I've been immersing myself in Law of Attraction practices this week. It's wonderful how fast it works when you are open to it. (I've been reading the Abraham-Hicks book "Money and the Law of Attraction" and listening to the CD that came with the book. )

I suppose I had a head start - a little more than 2 years ago I simultaneously picked up "The Secret" and "the Seat of the Soul." I was in a pretty negative place. But within a few weeks of changing my thinking and really being conscious of my words, my emotions and changing what I was focusing on, things began to change.

Most interestingly, I began to change too.

I started everyday by finding something to be truly thankful for;
"Thank you for the warm house."
"Thank you for breakfast. And Tea."
"Thank you for the childrens health."

And I usually ended these sentences of thanks with "Life is Good."

"Life is Good" would finish my "status" on Facebook, and became a running gag with some of my friends. (one way or the other - some loved to read it, and some were really put off.) I made sure to post everyday my happiness about something as a mantra. Knowing that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, I had to be consistent and really mean it. So in my persistence, the little things I was thankful for every day turned into bigger and bigger things, till one day it was just plain easy to make things happen with my "Life is Good" attitude.

So, when I say that this last week I had a head start at being conscious of it, it's because of all the work I did 2 years ago. That old "just like riding a bike" saying comes in to play.

So if there's something you want to bring to you, take some time to start yourself on the right path. Start everyday with finding something small that you can honestly and truly say you are thankful for. Carry it out into your day, from being thankful that you have the means to buy a cup of coffee in the morning or at lunch, or have a car to get into to drive to work, or anything at all. And remind yourself everyday during these first steps that Life is indeed Good.

I'll be posting more blogs along this line, as I work though this book, giving you advice on your next steps and how to make it work for you too!


Lori Grace.

Creating Your Own Magical Safe Place

I've recorded a meditation/walk through of how you can create your own Magical Safe Place. This was one of the first things I did to give me success in communicating with my guides, and developing a deep and abundant ability to meditate and "think" things into reality.

Click through this call button to listen to the recording:

It will take you straight to the recording of my voice. Be sure to be in a quiet place where you can really relax and concentrate on the message and the walk through for best results.


Lori Grace

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Abundant Vibrations

I was touched by so many people and so much energy today - I'm almost whelmed with the abundance that I'm blessed with.

A girlfriend came over for tea today. She has the best energy, and I love love love spending time with her. We've known each other for ALMOST 20 years, and although our visits are few and far between these days (We both have families, jobs, and are busy!) It's ALWAYS like home to sit with her. If I had to chose a sister, I would pick her.

I walked and walked and walked in the sun. I put an vibrational down-payment on a house with 5 bedrooms. I'm really excited for it to arrive.

I ran into a friend on the sidewalk - he's SO tall, that when we talk I have to hang onto my big floppy hat so it won't fall off, for my having to look up into his face. He's got a wondeful smile and lively eyes and every time he stops to talk to me, I feel like it is a special privelege to do so. He must be a fire sign. He's always got SO many ideas!!

I did a tarot reading for someone new today, and she also had wonderful energy. We connected very quickly, and the confirmations in the reading were good. I was happy to meet her!

A friend sent me messages that made me turn my face up to the sun and smile.

A woman I had never seen before, commented on my hat. We were in a shop, and when I turned to say thank you, she stunned me with her beauty. Not just her physical beauty (and she was, a woman near 40, but maybe more.) but her energy just BURST out towards me. She shared a joke with me, reaching out to gently touch my shoulder while speaking, and we laughed. She remarked how we had just gotten rid of stress by laughing. I thanked her from my heart.

Saw a friend who commented on my big "Jackie O" hat - shared a laugh that raised me up higher.

My beloved picked me up downtown, and it was really nice to see him at at that unusual time of day. A wonderful treat!

Saw my mother this afternoon - showed her around my garden, and she walked with me to pick up the pixies.

Through the day, I did 3 more email tarot readings, (with one that I still have to get to - been waiting for the house to get quiet.)

Today seemed very very busy. Today felt very very good.

The more you share, the more you recieve. I'm so abundant, my vibration bank account is over flowing.

Life is Good, folks. Appreciate every little thing.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Free Sylvia Browne Reading Contest Causes Much Disappointment.

She's influenced so many of us. She's one of those personalities you either love or hate.

She's appearing at a casino (Horseshoe Southern Indiana) on June 11th, and the facebook page for the casino did a draw for a free reading with her. I'm one of those people who respects what she's done for other psychics like me. And so yes, I was eager for the chance to connect with her, even if only for a few moments.

The contest was conducted in such a manner that didn't give anyone a fair chance. It was not a random draw, but more of a "first to answer this question wins." So many people were away from their computers, or waiting for instructions on how to enter, or who-knows-what, but definately not sitting on the casinos page updating every three seconds. It's left a big cloud of negative energy around the casino's page.


A mass of people raising negativity and feeling blue/sad/disappointed/angry is a hard thing to raise back up. When I went to the page, although there were some who were raising up their energy and giving good wishes, so many were just so HEAVY. I felt it.

So, if you've come from the page or were part of what just happened, take a deep deep breath. Life IS fair. Everyone gets what they need, from where they need it, exactly when they need it. Maybe the woman who won the reading needed it most of all. There are so many maybe's. Yes, I'm sorry you didn't win and it seemed unfair, but that just means you are one "no" closer to a "yes". Everyone gets the prize, when they are ready to receive. Feeling negative pushes your prizes away. Your prizes could be in other forms right now. Your good health, or the health of your children. Some extra hours at work. An opportunity to learn. Good food on your table. Somewhere safe to sleep. The shining sun on your smiling upturned face.

Deep Breath.

Think of all the good things you have in your life, and visualize good things coming to you. Be happy for the woman who won. It will help attract just what you need to you.


Lori Grace.