Friday, August 15, 2014

Challenges. I Know Better.

I am going to have to get some new tarot cards. Soon.
Functional ones. Not just ones to collect. :)

I currently use my Druid Craft Tarot for every reading. I might switch to my Rider Waite deck or my Morgan Greer deck on occasion. But the Druit Craft is the one I use most. And they are WORN.

The edges are soft, some of the cards have little bends (or in the case of the 5 of Swords, a BIG bend). Because the deck is so big, I shuffle them as if they were standing up, and it's worn the bottom bits of all the cards from where my hands touch them. (As a rule, I don't read my cards inverted, or upside down. Occasionally they will sneak into a reading that way, and that is always a cause for me to pay extra attention in my reads. However, I'll put it back in the deck right side up after the reading.)

Now, I've read posts on clipping the edges off (the borders) and using a groovy scrap booking paper corner clipper to make them have nice rounded edges. But I have yet to do that.

I guess part of my challenge is that I know I work well with the Druid Craft tarot, and that's the deck I will buy again. But, I will most likely buy another deck too. A new deck might be nice to work with.

The catch is that I'm just trying to stay afloat with bills. I'm behind nearly every month. There's no extra to buy a new deck. But if I don't have a new deck soon, I won't be able to do readings, that are paying the bills.

I KNOW. I know better than this. I know how to make the magic. I think it's just been on my mind lately, and I'm formulating how to get the Law of Attraction methods working for me, and in the mean time chewing through all the challenges.

SO. Dear Universe. I LOVE working with my Druid Craft Tarot deck. It is my tool to give great readings to people who come for guidance and answers. This deck helps me SERVE. The deck I have is pretty worn and well loved. I will use it until you deliver a new deck into my hands to replace it, so that I may continue to serve. 

The day begins! Must fly!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

AUGUST and SEPTEMBER Party Availability dates - Midland Ontario

August party slots are filling up! Lots of individual reads available, though!

If you have a bachelorette party that you are hoping to have readings at, or birthdays, or just cottage get togethers, book me early!

Monday to Friday In office individual reads can be booked through the office: 705-526-6900

MCC or Saturday individual reads and 
Party Bookings through email or facebook.

Upcoming Availability:

Saturday, August 9th: BOOKED
Sunday, August 10th: Party availability 11am only (max 6 people.)

Monday, Aug 11th: In office appts 2pm, 2:45pm OR Eve party
Tuesday, Aug 12: Booked
Wed, Aug 13th: Booked
Thurs, Aug 14th: In office 1pm OR Eve Party
Friday, Aug 15th: Booked
Saturday, Aug 16th: Booked
Sunday, Aug 17th: Booked

Monday Aug 18th: In office 2pm, 3pm.
Tuesday, Aug 19th: MCC only: 10am, 11am
Wed, Aug 20th: Booked
Thursday, Aug 21st: in office or MCC: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, OR Eve Party
Friday, Aug 22nd: Booked
Sat, Aug 23rd: Booked
Sun, Aug 24th: Booked

Thursday, Aug 28th: In office or MCC: 9:30am OR Eve Party
Friday, Aug 29th: In office or MCC: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm.
Saturday, Aug 30th: Booked
Sunday, Aug 31st: Booked


Friday, Sept 5th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 6th - Afternoon party OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 7th - Afternoon party - 1pm start.

Friday, Sept 12th - Eve Party
Sat, Sept 13th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 14th - Afternoon party, 1pm start. 

Friday, Sept 19th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 20th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 21st - Afternoon Party 1pm start.

Friday, Sept 26th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 27th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 28th - Afternoon Party 1pm start.