Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spirit Guides and Chocolate Almonds

Spent some time messing around with the Blog Talk Radio. Oh la la. I'm excited about this thing. I don't have it set up to take live callers yet, and I don't run it with a co-host - It's all me! So, you'll all need a little patience while I iron out the kinks.

For the most part, I'm planning that each show will have a little time to chat, and a little time to do a few readings - what I'm aiming for is these readings will come in through email. And, bear in mind, that the show is only going to be about half an hour long at first - so I'm figuring I'll get at most 3 questions in.

I'm also wanting the querent of those questions to be on the chat at the time of the show - (there's an instant messaging type chat on the page when the show is live. So much fun!)

I'm going to be putting together a bit of music (local artists) to transition us in and out of segments (again, doing this on my own, with only my big brain and hopefully my Guides will rush in with important knowledge about this stuff!)

Once I get the platform down, I'll move into taking live callers, etc. My goal here is to really keep it as simple as possible, connect with those of you who are ready and willing, and have some fun!

Put it in your daybook: Sundays at 2pm: Spirit Guides and Chocolate Almonds . The shows do archive, and that archive will list on my Lori-Grace Reads Tarot blog.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Palm Reading

So often when people find out I'm a psychic reader, they immediately show me their palms, and ask me if I can read them. Palm reading is an intense and precise art!

I have books on palm reading, and I find it so intriguing. I've had a palm reading, some 10 years ago or so, and the reader relayed many things I already knew (and that she couldn't have known!) and so I was impressed. After my reading, she said it would be at least 5 years before she could do a palm reading again, as it would take at least that long for the lines to change. Otherwise, her palm reading would be the same!

Getting a palm reading is great to see long term where you're going, in a broad way. If you are looking for more precise 'now' information or guidance, I CAN help you with that! Using spirit guides, ancestor messages, and tarot cards I can get down to specifics in your life, and answer the questions you were hoping that a palm reading would do for you.

See the "Connect with Lori-Grace Directly" tab on the top of this blog!

Blessings to you!

Psychic Reader Party

There are two different ways I find that tarot parties go, as a Penetanguishene Psychic Reader

The first is where the party carries on in a separate room from the readings. This type of party is good for the individual querent if they don't really know some of the people attending. It allows them to be open and honest, and recieve the messages without hesitation or possible embarrasment. Because, as I've said before, I never know what is going to come out when I begin. If the questioner isn't comfortable with admitting things in a group of people, then they will deny messages that can come out of a personal nature. This makes it VERY hard for me to deliver the messages given.

The other sort of party I've done is where everyone in the room knows each other well. Secrets, history, all the good stuff! I love doing this sort of party, too. What happens, more often than not, is if the questioner is unsure of what I might be trying to relate, there's SURE to be someone else in the room who knows EXACTLY what I'm referring to.

Both types of parties have their benefits, but with both types I always come away feeling really pleased with having been invited (often again and again by the same groups, year after year.) and having delivered important messages at important times.

The differences have been on my mind this week, as I did a lovely party this past weekend.

Being invited to read for a party never feels like "work" to me. I'm always quite honoured to be invited to read at a Psychic Reader Party and connect with the group.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Psychic Tarot Readings in Penetanguishene Ontario

I'm very pleased to be able to offer live readings in Penetanguishene Ontario and area. In the 17 years I've professionally read cards in Penetanguishene, I've only had an office once.

So, now, to read new people individually, I have an office space near Penetanguishene in Midland. It's so nice, surrounded by art. It's a nice quiet building, and all of the readings I've done there so far have been clean and clear.

It's a very nice venue for me to meet new clients - as it's neutral ground for both of us. Sometimes I find it hard to read in my own home, as my home itself has a rather loud personality. And although I like going to other peoples homes to read, it's not practical when first meeting someone new.

Our area is a very pretty area, with so much else to do, too, when clients are coming in long distance for a reading (from Barrie Ontario, or Orillia Ontario, or any of the bit and little spots in between.)

On occasion I will travel for readings, but this mostly happens if I'm doing an event - setting up a booth or a tent at a market or fair.

To get a psychic tarot reading in Penetanguishene Ontario, you can email me to set up an individual appointment, or a tarot party for 3 or more people.

My in person readings are very reasonable, although you can get an email reading starting at $9, or a 15 minute phone reading for a total of $1.99 - same great psychic reading for less than half the price.

I look forward to reading for you! See my blog for a link to my Facebook Fan page.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Readings! Oct 16th to Oct

Email to book appointment with as much prior notice as possible.

Oct 16th - 11am to 4pm
Oct 17th - 9:30am to 1pm (any half hour)
Oct 18th - 9:30 to 1pm (any half hour)
Oct 19th - 9:30am to 1pm (any half hour)
Oct 20th - 9:30am to 1pm (any half hour)
Oct 21st- 9:30am to 1pm (any half hour)
Oct 22nd - PARTY opening 1pm to 4pm

EMAIL and PHONE reading availability
Oct 16th - 11am EST to 8pm
Oct 17th - 8:30pm EST to ??
Oct 18th - 8:30pm EST to ??
Oct 21 - 8:30pm EST to ??

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Party Midland Ontario

Holy moly, it's October!

October is one of the months that I find it easiest to read. Maybe it's the end of the year wheel. Maybe it's because the 'veil is thin'. I get very good psychic messages during this month, and it's already been busy.

I don't however, at this time, have a Halloween party booked for the Midland Ontario area. This year Halloween falls on a Monday, which means there will probably be Halloween parties happening in Midland Ontario all weekend long.

I can do private readings one on one during the day, or tarot parties in the evening (start at 7pm.)
I'll be posting my availability for days and evenings from now until Halloween party season is upon us. Check the blog to book your live appointment. Email and phone readings also available.

Monday, October 10, 2011

OCTOBER FREE Email Reading Draw.

What do you have to do to enter my draws?? Like my Tarot Page at Facebook. That gives you ONE entry and one comment on the FREE draws blog entry. (below.) If you are already a liker on the page, you can enter every month.

Each month, SHARE my Facebook page among your Facebook friends, and you get a SECOND entry into the draw.

Each comment must be a separate comment. One for "liking." and one for "sharing." Please be sure to leave your name in the comments, if you are posting as "anonymous."

I'll be using to choose the winners.

This draw is for the OCTOBER Free draw. The draw will happen at the end of the day on the last day of OCTOBER, and then I'll start a new blog entry contest for November. You can also follow this blog, here at blogger, to see when the draw is done and when the new contest is up - although I'll be posting these at Facebook as a link, too.

Thanks for connecting with me on Facebook :)



Schedule Oct 11th to 16th

LIVE Readings:
Oct 11th - BOOKED
Oct 13th - 11:30 to 1pm (any half hour)
Oct 14th - 9:30 to 12pm (any half hour)
Oct 15th - BOOKED for Party
Oct 16th - 11am to 4pm (any half hour)

EMAIL and PHONE reading availability
Oct 11th - 8:30pm EST to ??
Oct 15th - 8:30pm EST to ??
Oct 16th - 8:30pm EST to ??

Live readings take half an hour, and can be prepaid by PayPal or cash at appt.
Email readings are paid by PayPal
Phone Readings are though the phone system. Come through the "$1.99 secret" page, send me an email and I'll send you free minutes BEFORE our appointment time.

Thank you for your patience with the new email and phone reading schedule.

Scheduling Email and Phone Readings.

I've been feeling a little 'off' the last little bit. It's weird. It's mostly in terms of my online 'life'. I've been spending SO much time in my studio, but I haven't got internet access down there. I've been sewing like MAD because Christmas shows are coming, and I want to be ready.

I've been doing live readings in the studio, and they are going well. I've been tardy with email readings, however. I'm not sure what that's all about. I've been taking an online University course, shutting down the garden, and spending time on my network marketing business. But all of that takes me away from my tarot skill. Which doesn't sit well with me. (All these things happen in the evening.)

Because I know that THIS is a MAJOR thing I'm supposed to be doing. So, I'm going to have to put myself on schedule, for email readings AND phone readings. The rest of the week just gets eaten up with all the other stuff I've got going on.

So, I'm going to suggest that Monday nights, Friday nights and Saturday nights are going to be my email and phone reading appointment nights. This will help me block the time and stay consistent. Over the summer it was easy to do readings as they came in.

And, this way, everyone knows when to expect their readings to be answered, too.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SATURDAY Live Tarot Reading Availability

Please make first contact through the Facebook Event Page set up for this Saturday, to confirm availability.

- Available
10 am - Available
10:30 am - Available
11 am - Available
11:30am - BOOKED
12pm - Available
12:30am - Available
1pm - Available
1:30 - Available
2pm - Available