Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Topless Tarot Readings.

Topless Tarot.
It's a niche market.
And it costs extra.
Just Sayin'...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wholeness in Spiritual and Physical Halves.

I love learning. I really do.
I'm also really really enjoying doing ONLY what I'm supposed to be doing, in terms of life path and purpose. It's sort of scary at first, letting go of all the things that don't serve your soul purpose, but have maybe become habit.

There are jobs that I've had that seemed to have served no purpose other than to collect the cash at the end of the week. I found when I stopped while in the habit of the day within jobs I didn't necessarily love, and asked "show me what I'm supposed to be learning here, so that I can move on from this." The answers come pretty quickly.

As well as sitting with people for the purpose readings (Tarot, Psychic, or Medium.) I am also a Reiki Reflexologist. This is very satisfying work. It is healing and connecting.

In addition to that, I'm NEARLY finished a Holistic Massage course. It ties in with Reiki for me, Healing Touch, and the basic human need for touch, so this makes me happy. (I listed a pile of my Palmistry books for sale today. I realized that I would never learn palmistry... All I really wanted to do was touch peoples hands and make the physical connection!)

Hand Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Indian Face Massage are on my list as well. For the same reasons - Touch, Healing, and Reiki are important to me.

I'm reading spiritual and metaphysical books all the time - These things are what fills my head - Putting together the Spiritual side and the Physical side to find Wholeness.

The more attention I give to my absolute Joy in serving in this way, the more opportunities I'm given. The opportunity to serve my soul purpose gives me so much pleasure and happiness. 

Life is Good. I just felt like touching base, and letting you know what was occupying my mind just before bed :)


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time Travel and Blessings.

I'm feeling pretty blessed. I'm so thankful to be able to use my healing and psychic medium THING on a nearly daily basis, for others. I'm so grateful to do what I love for a living. It made me think of where I've been, and the type of work that I've done before getting here. The type of life I had before now. More importantly, the quality of my emotional life... There was a time I thought I'd never be happy. There was a time I thought I would never get anywhere. There were times I felt like giving up on myself completely. My future seemed empty.

Today, I am so thankful. I had a reading in the morning. I had two people for some reiki/reflexology this afternoon in their home. It was a wonderful day. This work fulfills me. This work leaves me feeling wonderful.

Sometimes, I meditate back to the Lori-Grace who was tired and lonely and at her wits end, and console her. Try to let her know that it DOES get better, and to just hang on.

And sometimes, I travel forward, and talk to the Lori-Grace who REALLY has it all together, and she consoles me, tells me it gets even BETTER, and it all works out alright.

Life is Good.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Somedays I feel like this.

Steve Martin.

Today I have a FANTASTIC day!
Let me start at the beginning.

On Dec 30, I had a dream. Steve Martin and I were hanging out.. and long story short, he wanted to make sure I was only doing work that I loved, and that I was supposed to. And those things are mostly doing the Psychic work, and Reflexology.

Incase you are wondering, this is Steve Martin. (As if you'd wonder. I mean, he's STEVE MARTIN!)

So, I headed into the new calendar year with this in mind. Steve would be coming to check on my at the end of January! I really need to follow through.

I've been FAR more attentive and available to my tarot / Psychic Medium stuff. And it got busier, because I made room for it.

I have also been spending more time with my Reflexology practice. And again, it's gotten busier because of it. And I am SO happy.

Today, I went to a girlfriends place. She's got a beautiful little space that she does teaching and healing in. She's an herbalist, and reads cards too, and works with crystals, etc. She's a power house of knowledge. I decided I wanted to do some Reflexology gifting to my circle of girlfriends, and any of hers that might be interested. So, today I spent the day in a lovely space, doing Reflexology ... and I just feel so dang GOOD!

I wanted to share. :) 

I'm happy. I'm following my bliss, and the Universe is listening. And ofcourse, Steve Martin and I are going to hang out soon, so I have to have some good things to report. heh.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wording Your Tarot Question Well in 2014

When ever I get email inquiries or readings, I always stress to the querent to word your question in such a way that gives me direction WITHOUT giving me any back story or hints. It makes me feel like I"m cheating.

However, it is helpful for you to give me some sort of question instead of requesting a general life read. Why? Because my guides like to give the spiritual answer. They'll move directly to the spiritual reason that things are happening, and often that's not what we are looking for! Sometimes we want touchable, measurable answers.

I find good questions start with thinking about what
has been foremost on your mind, or something that you've been giving some thought to solving.
And then asking things like:

 "What is most important to know about this situation?"
"What is the best path to follow in this situation?"
"Am I already on the right path?"
"What am I supposed to be learning spiritually from this situation?"
"What is the path of least resistance in this situation?"
"What is the path for the greatest good in this situation?"

These sort of questions help us get RIGHT to the heart of the matter, without giving me any hints.

I hope this is helpful in helping YOU get the answers you are looking for directly!
I look forward to reading for you in 2014!