Connect with Lori-Grace using the Phone: 

Now, the deal with me and this phone line, is during the week,  you and I need to connect by email to make an appointment. OR, watch the blog or Facebook for when I make myself available for Phone In days. That can be anytime of day! Now that the summer vacation is over, there will be more random daytime availability for me.

We can connect on the live Instant Messaging chat option (IM chat) I type about 70 words a minute, so as long as you have a question ready, I'll be able to answer it fairly quickly over IM. (Bearing in mind I'll need time to shuffle and layout some cards.) I do prefer our first interaction to be over the phone, but if you are just too shy for the phone, IM is a great option.


 $9.00, for one detailed question. 250 word minimum answers, using Paypal for payment.
When you send your PayPal payment, I will send you an email to respond to with your question. All of my email readings are done though my thelittlewitch email address, so that I can keep them organized!

Email Tarot Readings

There's also a weekly reading option! Weekly reads are delivered on Sundays, for the week ahead, with a detailed explanation of your reading, plus a picture for you to save as a desktop if you like.

In Person Appearances

Classes coming in OCTOBER 2018


LIVE readings

I am available to meet in person!

I am available to meet in person in the Midland Ontario area for readings in my office at 522 Elizabeth Street. For bookings at my office, please use the online booking schedule link below. Cash or Credit Card payments. (no debit.)

Weekday, after hours and weekend parties or gathering readings available for 2 to 6 guests in your home.

For private bookings after hours or weekends, you should email me for availability, OR SEE THE SCHEDULE. Cash or Credit Card at the time of the party,  or Pre booking may also be pre paid using PayPal. (Credit cards or PayPal balance.)

LIVE readings are:
30 minutes for $30
45 minutes for $45
60 minutes for $60

 It is recommended that you plan to arrive 10 minutes early for in office readings, as scheduling is precise.

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