Monday, July 10, 2017

On Full Moon Nights, Maybe Stay Home....

I'm not sure if it's the full moon, but I have been on FIRE.

Before I headed out into the yard for ritual, we had gone to a girlfriends for dinner. Except I didn't eat any dinner,and I was a space cadet for most of the visit. Note to self: On full moon nights, maybe stay home. I was unable and uninterested in explaining in what was happening or what I needed. 

I DO so love the energy that summer brings to the table during readings, though.

Medium work has been strong this past week, and my full moon circle last night left me buzzing and 'out there' for some time afterwards. I felt like both feet were trying to firmly plant in that Other World. I was okay with that, and wanted to feel it out, see what came, even after closing circle.

Anyway.. Witchy Bizniz.

I'm opening up some more evening availability in my office, for in person appointments. Sundays are still the best days for me to do email readings.


Macklemore and his Gramma on 100th Birthday Video

This came up on my newsfeed today. Oh My Goodness, what a GLORIOUS video! The video for "Glorious" features Macklemore and his Gramma, getting up to all sorts of shenanegans on her 100th birthday.

I sure hope that someday my super-cool grandkid shows up with a sleek and sexy car, and takes me on adventure!

Enjoy the energy of this one, folks... It's super sweet.