Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreaming of Orgonon, Reiki, and My Head Hurts.

This last little while, my head has been... occupied. I feel it in my 'third eye', I've been getting migraines, feeling spacey, having up to 8 memorable dreams a night. In MANY of the dreams, I'm giving reiki - some to figures that I cannot identify, and some to people I know. I've also been drawn to a new do I describe this...

A new psychic practice? It's like this deep meditation and a psychic reaching out or exploration, at the same time. I feel my brain EXPANDING.

I have been doing what feels like an enormous amount of channelling and semi-automatic writing the last week or so too. Giving me a heads up a whole pile of things. Some of which have already come to pass, some of which is in it's process right now and don't need my help, and some things that are almost directives.

Needless to say, this work just feels all consuming. I try to turn my thoughts away from it, and I find I'm wrapped right up in it again. I've been able to concentrate on almost NOTHING for more than 10 minutes. I'm feeling LED almost... and most of the instruction I've been given amounts to "Let it flow, don't fight it, and don't interfere."  Easier said than done.

I had a massage today - and that seems to have broken it loose even more.

I've been tardy with readings. Some have sat for 2 weeks. My apologies. This THING just won't let me focus on the readings that are waiting. And I guess I've got to let itself play out. There's only a few more days left of this, they keep telling me. I'm trying to be open, and patient.

But my head hurts.

Kate Bush has been in there non stop today.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Chat With My Guides.... What was THAT?

A thing happened today.

It happens every now and again. Thinking back, I think the last time it happened, it was in summer.

I sat with a client, and couldn't read for her. Not one thing that was coming out resonated with her.. and so, after 20 minutes of shuffling and listening to the jumble jumble going on in my head, I called it quits.

It's disappointing for the client, and disappointing for me too when this happens. I'm going to guess, it happens about once in every 50 or 75 live, sit down clients. I'm always perplexed when it happens. Today, it's left me feeling upset... far more upset than usual. I think this is because the client was so looking forward to the reading.

So, I decided to ask my guides:

"When this happens, when I get absolutely nothing for a client, What is going on?"

"There can be a number of things going on here. Sometimes the client isn't clear in their own head, isn't focused enough, or spent enough time considering their options. Sometimes an underlying desire to hide everything can block us from receiving. Sometimes the querent has nothing going on that is out of place, everything is a-ok. There's nothing to tell. Sometimes Lori, you are just off. It happens, as much as you want to be helpful. have you noticed this will always happen the last sitting of the day? Always. "

"Huh. So. What can I do so that this happens far less."

"Lori, it doesn't happen that often. You can't be on all time, despite wanting to be. You just can't. Aside from that, remind them to write down their questions before hand. This will help them focus. Help us focus on specifics. Also, you need to bring food. I know it's not on your list of likes, but you can eat when you read. Or eat more before you read. You are starving your body. Sometimes you need to eat during. Get more sleep. Dream. Say a prayer for them to be open, remind them to be open and allow us in. Sometimes there are blockages, walls we can't get around. "

"Ok. So, what can I say or do to make people feel better when this happens, and there's no way around it for one way or another. And to make myself feel better. I always feel like I'm not doing my job when this happens."

"When you feel it trailing, going nowhere, stop sooner. Dont' keep trying. If it's closed, it's closed. Refer them to another reader - you have a list of them that YOU trust, keep cards with you, and help make the connection. yes, you can try email, but WE still know who we are stuck with, even if they email you without telling you who they are. If nothing changes, we still aren't getting in. Tell them to be sure that this is for a reason. You are a good translator for us, but sometimes you aren't the RIGHT one for the person who sits with you. You notice how some readings are crystal clear, and loud... that's because of your synergy with those particular clients. You can be everything to everyone... sometimes you have to give some away, to find the right synergy with the right conduit."

"You know I'm now going to have to look up what synergy means exactly now, right?"

"Details, Lori. Details."

"So, when this happens, it makes me want to quit for the day. And I have readings waiting."

"Take a bath. Wash it away. Re energize yourself. And carry on. You are an active reader, and we like working with you. Laughing will raise your energy away from the blockages. Eat something."

So. That gives me some things to meditate on for a bit.

Blessings on you!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Girls Night Out April 4, 2013, The Boathouse Eatery Midland Ontario

I have just confirmed an appearance in Midland Ontario.

I will be reading cards the evening of Thursday, April 4th, 2013, at The Boathouse Eatery.
The Rotary Club of Midland is hosting a Girls' Night Out with proceeds going to the Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland Ontario.

The event runs from 7pm to 11pm.

You get to choose 3 of the many services that will be offered on this evening. Last year it included mini massages, mini manicures, reflexology, and this year there's tarot!

There will be two tarot readers there this year - when you purchase your ticket for the Girls Night Out on April 4th, be sure to specifically ask for Lori-Grace (The Little Witch) as you have to book your time with the 3 services you are choosing.

There will be live music there, and also complimentary Complimentary h'orderves all evening.

Tickets for the Girls Night Out on April 4th, 2013 can be purchased at Simply Country in Midland Ontario . The purchase of the tickets is cash only.

Your mini tarot reading with Lori-Grace is included in the cost of the ticket price, but you must book your reading as soon as possible! My spaces always fill up fast when I do these events.

I look forward to meeting you there!

MARCH 2013 FREE Reading Draw!

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