Sunday, September 25, 2011


It took me some time to get to this, but here it is folks!

What do you have to do to enter my draws?? Like my Tarot Page at Facebook. That gives you ONE entry and one comment on the FREE draws blog entry. (below.) If you are already a liker on the page, you can enter every month.

Each month, SHARE my Facebook page among your Facebook friends, and you get a SECOND entry into the draw.

Each comment must be a separate comment. One for "liking." and one for "sharing."

I'll be using to choose the winners.

This draw is for a SEPTEMBER Free draw. The draw will happen at the end of the day on the last day of September, and then I'll start a new blog entry contest for October. You can also follow this blog, here at blogger, to see when the draw is done and when the new contest is up - although I'll be posting these at Facebook as a link, too.

Thanks for connecting with me on Facebook :)



p.s. if you came here from facebook, and are posting as an anonymous user, please leave the name you use on my Facebook Fan page, since most likely that's how I'll be contacting you.(and without it, "anonymous" wins the draw... that could be difficult. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time Travelling.

Hey everyone!

Where do I start? I've been reading Book 2 of Conversations with God. The brain wants to explode. So, I've joyously realized that I am CLOSE! My creations manifest very quickly now (I find what I am looking for, or what I am waiting for so quickly. For example, finding the exact studio space I wanted.)

The next bit I've been reading is about how all time is happening at the same time. That you, at every moment, are living it all at once. So, time travel is possible. So, last night in my half sleep I looked my future self up. Am I always that energetic and loud? hhahaha. She just laughed, and gave me a tour of our house. That is what I'm looking for. Our house. Because we are ready for it.

I'm skipping 'market' this weekend - and reading cards in Little Scotia studio. So, if you are close to me (in Midland) email me TODAY to book your appointment. I've started booking appointments between 9am and 4:30pm (on the half hour or hour.) But as I've got a few bookings already, please email me.

If you were going to ask your future self anything, what would you say?

If you wanted to speak to your past self, what would you advise???