Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Four Epic Dreams, Reiki 2, and I Want Cola.

It's 9 days in to my first Reiki Attunement. But, guess what? I can feel that all that crazy healing has absolutely BURNED through me. (Dear Goddess, that was a challenge.) A very very interesting challenge.

So, I think in a day or two, I'll be doing my second attunement. I'm excited and nervous, and although it is advised generally to wait before you do your second, (up to 3 months) It's just FEELING right.

I have met people who will do their 1 and 2 in ONE single weekend. How in the world do they cope???

I had FOUR epic dreams last night. All of them had to do with me being in some sort of school system, where I was a silent teacher - I was an elder in all of them, not formally a teacher, but all the kids came to me, appreciated me, and looked to me for guidance. All of them had me in a place where we, as a society, were 'stuck'... either we couldn't leave the cave, the hotel, or the school, for reasons that were for our own 'safety.' And in all of them, I was 'breaking the rules.' Teaching the children to think for themselves, or brainstorming problems in ways that went against the grain of the society, or figuring out ways to leave the places. Also, in all of them, there was a force that was trying to make me stay PUT. The energy of this force was attempting to scare me, but in each I would have none of it.

I'm glad I took the time to write all of them down. The first two I wrote around 5am?? Then slipped back to sleep, to have the other two. All four were completely different environments, but upon reading what I wrote, they all had these common elements.

Which to me, says it ALL.

ON another note, I haven't had a caffienated tea in days. I have had no coffee. (this was all part of the cleansing that was going on...) My beloved has cracked a cola beside me, and I WANT one. I haven't had cola in...AGES. I'm going to boil the kettle and sip an herbal tea... but I'm not sure that's going to squash this craving. (We don't even have any honey in the house to help me fix the peppermint or the Lucid Dreaming tea I love so much.)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day 'Hello!'

A little update! Because I have the inclination ;)

Readings have been going very well since my first Reiki attunement. I'm pleased as punch about that! The blocked energy is taking it's time working itself through. That must be some kind of build up! I've done a few more for myself in the last week, am in almost constant contact with my new guide, and already have a few live sessions lined up (and a few long distance ones, too!)

Although I'm only just finishing my Level 1, I'm finding I already have the ability to do long distance healings / treatments. I really think that this is from YEARS of doing long distance readings - it feels like a natural extension. Also, though I've been going through my Level 1, from everything I've read, this week has FELT like the Level 2 transition. STRANGE. But, Awesome with a capital A.

I'm REALLY excited to have 2 weeks 'off' with the pixies (aside from the tarot readings I have booked, live and over email - this doesn't feel like work!) because this means I'll be able to do my Level 2 attunements and be able to focus on the after-work that comes with that attunement. Fantastic.

I'm really excited for the next few months! Winter is GOOD. I don't do any of the typical winter sports that you'd expect for a lady who lives in cottage country. All my winter sports involve books and brains. Haha! So, there'll be time to catch up on reading, time to keep up with my clients properly~ (November was ROUGH!) and time to just chill out and FEEL. Winter means my time is MINE again, to do with what my heart and spirit lead me to do!


If you would like a Reiki healing, let me know! :) I'm on FIRE! (in a good way. hehe.)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fusion Reiki Day 3.

It is Wednesday. It is the night we have Yule Log! (which means I have to go out and get a Yule Log, as well as bake cookies, and finish up the readings in my inbox. Which I really should be doing now instead of blogging...)

It's the 3rd full day of my Level One Reiki. I have been experiencing some VERY intense cleansings. As with just about everything I do, this is also a FAST and furious energy cleanse. And it's all been physical, so far. The tweaked shoulder has now become just a shadow of anything at all. My head feels clearer, no white spots today.

And last night my root chakra started to work out it's blockages. Physically uncomfortable, but all the while I was satisfied that all is working out just as it should - I can't even describe how light I've been feeling!

So, after doing a little research, It seems as if this first reiki healing decided it was first going to clear my heart chakra. Then it moved to my Third Eye chakra. And now it's boogied on down to my root chakra. In three days. FAST.

I'm guessing because I didn't specify I should need this to be slow and steady and gentle, is why it's burning through me so fast. However, a 'fast and furious burn' is the way I work best, I think. (something has happened in the last little while, and my Aries has nearly completely taken over, where my Taurus used to be. Could that be part of it?)

I've also, in this same time period, tapped into a very strong Mastermind source (ULC) and a brighter, shinier, GLOWING ME is emerging. It's pretty fantastic.

However, I hear that the dishwasher has stopped,and now I must go bake cookies.


What is Reiki?

by Rev. Jason Storm

Reprinted with Permission.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a modern version of an ancient healing art that utilizes the intrinsic ability of one to heal him/herself by activating it with the energy of the Universe. The energy that comes from the source of all consciousness, The Creator, "God", or whatever for you might identify with it. During a Reiki treatment energy is passed from the Practitioner or Master to the person (or animal, or plant, etc.) that wishes to be healed. The energy does not come from the practitioner as the healer is only a vessel for the transfer of energy. A Reiki practitioner has had a special attunement or series of attunements that open his/her energetic system to receive and transmit the flow of energy. The Reiki Master has achieved the highest level of potential openness that a person can receive on the physical plane. A master is also given the ability to pass attunements to others and thereby becomes a vessel for the Divine consciousness at work in our Universe.

Reiki is not and cannot be harmful, it is the substance of life. The healee must have the intent to be healed for the energy to be transmitted. It doesn't matter whether or not they believe that subtle energy such as Reiki exists, they simply must want to be healed. No matter what the dis-ease is, Reiki will bring healing (but it should be noted that the healing may or may not be in the form expected or desired -- Reiki does the work, not our desire.)

When a practitioner accesses Reiki energy is drawn through the crown chakra at the top of the head, flows down to the heart chakra, then out through the hands. As the energy flows into the practitioners body it quickly fills him/her with energy as a kind of battery to buffer the flow into the recipients body and any excess is grounded out through the root chakra at the base of the spine. For some people the direct flow of energy from the universe may be a little much for them to handle all at once. The Reiki practitioner has been opened gradually so that their energy body can safely accept, maintain, and transmit the energy where it is needed. So whenever energy is given, the practitioner is also healed.

In Reiki there are three attunements, one for each level of healing. First Degree Reiki opens and clears the physical body to the Reiki circuit. The crown, third-eye, heart, and palm chakras are opened and the spinal vessel is cleared to allow a consistent, constant flow of energy to be initiated and maintained. There is commonly a period of clearing or cleansing in which the physical body begins to release the toxins built up within, and this is quite normal, it happens to us all. Some of the physical manifestations of this clearing can include diarrhea, runny nose, sweating, increased urination, nervousness, loss of apetite, and mild mood swings. The symptoms are only temporary and will pass within a couple of weeks.

Second Degree Reiki is a deepening and squaring of the energy of the First Degree, and three special symbols are tuaght to amplify and more specifically direct the flow and type of energy transmitted. At this level, distance healing and healing of situations is taught and mastered. There is also a clearing period at this level, but this deals with emotional/mental toxins. Many people report finding themselves re-addressing old unresolved issues, some find their belief structure being refined and in some cases even redeveloped. Again, this is temporary and will pass within two-three weeks.

The Master Level of Reiki involves one or two attunements and intensive training. The energy level is again doubled and squared, all of the chakras are aligned, and the Master symbol is transmitted to the new Master. How to give an attunement at all three levels is taught and must be mastered, the structure of energy, the energetic body, the aura, and the levels of being are taught and must be mastered. The clearing at this level is frequently fully experienced during the attunement itself. Many students report out of body experiences, visions, flashes of memory from previous incarnations, premonitions, prohpecy, etc, the experience is almost always mystical and ecstatic. Tears are very common.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

...And Another Thing...

This Reiki is turbo boosting me into ... I dunno where!

This morning my tweaked back was nearly better. Then, something new. The "white spots."
Let me explain.
It's been some time, but I occasionally get "white spots" in my vision. It's similar to when you look into a light bulb, and then see the light in your eye wherever you look. Except when I get them, I'm half blinded, and they just 'come'.
Now, I had a strange little spell back at the beginning of March this year. To cut the description short, it had symptoms of stroke, bells palsey, seizure, and migraine. All at once, without being any one thing. After the checking the things they COULD TEST FOR, they came to the conclusion that maybe I'm having migraines. (I lost ability to make the right words, among all the other symptoms.) Oh, and when I get thse migraines, they aren't the kind that there's any headache associated with it, so I don't even know when they are coming on. It's the white spots and the inability to coherently form WORDS.

So, this morning, when the white spot was in my vision, I had to just stay calm. Knowing that, this is the Reiki attunement, making all the emotional stuff come out. So, again, WHAT is this? What does it represent? I breathed, let my sweetheart know what was going on (do NOT be alarmed, but this is happening right now...) and then calmly carried on through my morning.

All was well until about an hour ago at the studio, when my pupils decided they were dialating, and the world went foggy. The last time this happened without warning, was the day they dug up the ossuary, and I got a big energy buzz. Now, again, to clarify, THIS thing happens when I'm doing a psychic reading; dialated pupils, general foggy vision (because I'm seeing into somewhere else and I'm not focused 'here'.) and a certain feeling takes over my body that I can't put words to right now. A slight numbness is the closest I can do right now.

So, when this happened today, I stood up and said "I'm listening." and again remained calm. Although I was conscious of where my phone was, just incase, and glad the walls are so thin between my studio and the offices.

The feeling passed, but the voices are LOUD today. Not abrasive, just very clear. Very adamant. I was very clearly told it was time to leave the studio, then they didn't want me to walk a certain way home... really asking for a lot of trust.

As I write this, the B38 'spot' is 97% better. This makes me happy. I wonder what exactly that is that I'm clearing up, back there. The vision/possible migraine thing is making me quiet and contemplative.

Ok, I feel like I just had to document this, as a part of this cleansing journey. I really am onto something completely new with the opening of the ministering of healing ability.

I want to write more, but I must collect pixies from school.



edit: found this while surfing. yes, this is exactly what's happening.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reiki cleans house.

What's coming out...

It's funny to have such an enormous feeling of being in the right place at the right time, and that everything is just as it should be... and to have this sudden back pain.

Yes, I'm positive it's related to the Reiki. That's what it's supposed to do, after all, rebalance the energy and blockages. (Reiki or healing touch itself doesn't cause the pain.)

My first attunement was Saturday evening. The next, Sunday morn. This morning (Monday) out of nowhere, my right shoulder blade suddenly felt as if I had pulled it. I wasn't doing ANYTHING when this came on. I'm having a difficult time moving my neck, I can feel the pressure of it in the right side of my tongue and jaw, down to my ring finger on the right hand, and in the right side of my lungs.

So, what does this MEAN? I"m working on my pressure points but am trying to figure out what it is that this means. So I can work on clearing the problem. The point of pain is in the acupressure position of B38, on the right. And the internets aren't telling me what that could represent emotionally, physically, mentally.

But it wants out, what ever it is. So I must breathe.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Healing Minister, Reiki Level 1

In the last 24 hours, I've completed Reiki Level 1, and have become and ordained Healing Minister.

I'm filled with abundance, and have spiritually and physically celebrated these things! (There were no chocolate almonds in the house, so I had to settle for chocolate covered raisins.)

I feel like I've been waiting for any stuck, stagnant or weak energies to start to clear... which usually means being physically uncomfortable in order to let them pass. My nose was a little runny, but since around 11am has been completely cleared. I'm not noticing anything else unusual. I feel calm, yet energized. I feel focused, positive, joyous, and ready for the magic.

Plus, today, I was given a most eye opening vision, which gave me unlimited hope for the future I'm creating. (We Are Creators!)

I've also picked up a brand new spirit guide with these first few attunements. He came quite suddenly, all smiles and positivity. He's BIG, larger than life, happy, and so so so full of energy. He helped me do a reading this afternoon (which had honestly taken me over 3 weeks? to sit down to.) and It came out fast and furious, with the help of this new guide.

I feel absolutely full of love.

So, becoming an Ordained Healing Minister is part and parcel with the Reiki. The laying of hands is a spiritual practice, and becoming ordained lends Reiki a more serious authority. Being an Ordained Healing Minister keeps the Reiki/Healing Touch treatment as such - as opposed to being considered a medical treatment.

I am also available to do Pagan/Wiccan handfasting now! (although, not weddings - yet!) Isn't that exciting? Handfasting can be a yearly ritual to announce your intention of partnership, or a way to announce your engagement and intention to marry.

As well as Affirmations of Love ceremonies, And House Blessings.

Now, Universe, I am going to require a clean and comfortable reclining chair for the studio for Reiki Attunements.

Which will be offered on a free/donation basis, ofcourse! My Reiki Level 1 will take some time to complete, and I will want to do as many attunements as possible before moving on to Level 2.

Love Love Love!

I am thankful for this day and all it's abundance. I am thankful for all the joy this day has given me. I appreciate all of it.

Life is Good.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Has No Requirements. That's What Makes It Love

It will often circle back on me - the realization that I'm only here to love. That to love is the reason for my entire being. To have learned how to love, to have learned how to accept love, to recognize love in all it's TRUE expressions. To recognize what is NOT love, and what tries to masquerade as such.

And within the realization, I wonder, is it really so simple? THIS was what I am here to do, leaving all the rest as gravy? (mmm.Gravy.) To learn to honestly give love, to be love unrestrained and without boundaries, restrictions, guilt, or power trips?

And not only romantic love - but ALL the loves. The Forgiving Love, and the Parenting Love, and the Appreciative Love, and the Thankful Love, and the Soul Love, The Love that needs No Words. The Unconditional Love. Yes, that's the world I'm looking for. The Unconditional one.

When I get stressed, I fall back on it. The love inside me, that grows the more I share it.

This is surely a half-assed essay. I may or may not form this as a thought that can be articulated prettily. But it feels pretty nice.

And for some reason, was important to share. So, there.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December FREE reading draw!

What do you have to do to enter my draws?? Like my Tarot Page at Facebook. That gives you ONE entry and one comment on the FREE draws blog entry. (below.) If you are already a liker on the page, you can enter every month.

Each month, SHARE my Facebook page among your Facebook friends, and you get a SECOND entry into the draw.

Each comment must be a separate comment. One for "liking." and one for "sharing." Please be sure to leave your name in the comments, if you are posting as "anonymous."

I'll be using random.org to choose the winners.

This draw is for the December Free draw. The draw will happen at the end of the day on the last day of December, and then I'll start a new blog entry contest for January! You can also follow this blog, here at blogger, to see when the draw is done and when the new contest is up - although I'll be posting the winners of these at Facebook.

Thanks for connecting with me on Facebook :)

P.S. for DECEMBER I'm going to draw FIVE names. yes, FIVE! Why? Because LOVE LOVE LOVE, that's why! lol...



This is Where I've Been At.

So, where has Lori-Grace been the last, oh, month???

A few places. All the places. Too many places?

My drama, or stress, or conflict... takes place in my head. I've come to a cross roads, and I've had to think my way through it. My energy has been focused on some personal growth and love and spiritual worship. It's also been focused on "this time of year."

Though we are pagan/wiccan, and for the 16+ years I've been a parent I've tried to carve a different path for us for this time of year, there is STILL this pressure to perform. We do less gift giving than the average family, and this year almost everything that my pixies are getting are hand made. The adults in the family have blessedly decided to forgo gift giving at all, and focus instead on the gifts of bounty and family.

I think my pressure comes from the money pressure. I've been very busy these past few months, and I think the coming quiet time has me a bit nervous. I've been struggling with maintaining a sense of calm and trust-in-the-universe over this. This is the path I've been set on, after all. I"ve manifested all the things we have wished to happen.

I want the rest of the way that we have to go to be joyful, exciting, something to look forward to. And generally I'm incredibly optimistic. The past 2 weeks or so have left me teetering-tightwire-tip toeing with my energy in regards to money. Gotta have it, at the same time, I have just GOT to live my life the way that feels right.

So, that's been my struggle. The universe has put me right where I'm supposed to be; Helping others and making the connections on a deep spiritual level with other souls with confidence and an open loving attitude. I'm not willing to hike what I ask for in return for a reading. How is it helpful if the prices leave it inaccessable?? Although I've been told I don't 'charge enough', I'm comfortable that what I ask for, for a reading, is completely reasonable.

And though I live an extremely frugal lifestyle, there's still bills to pay.

I"m not exactly sure I'm articulating what I'm feeling correctly here.

I have a very full, well rounded life. Life truly is good. I AM love, and I know that's my life-purpose. To just LOVE and be loving and giving. I feel like If I need to pursue the dollar, I'll have to give up my true path. Although I can feed my family happily through growing and bartering, the public utilities aren't so cool about receiving dolls and tarot certificates as payment.

HAHAHAHHA! (COULD you just see the lady's face at the counter - me showing up with a bill to pay, and a box full of art? This really tickles me for some reason.)

Anyway. I'm finding my sense of calm and focus again. A little full moon worship I think has fixed me. I know the answer is to cleave closer to all of you, and the voices in my head, not to pull away and chew nails. ;)

With Much Love,
That's where I've been at!