Friday, March 30, 2012

April 1st to 20th Availability

This coming weeks openings.

Individual Live Readings take half an hour:

Monday April 2nd - 6:30pm to 8pm
Wed April 4th - BOOKED
Friday April 6th - BOOKED

Wed, April 11th - 10:30am to 2pm
Friday, April 13th - BOOKED
Saturday, April 14th - PARTY BOOKING

Monday, April 16th - 10:30am to 2pm OR 6:30 to 8pm
Wed, April 18th - BOOKED am and pm
Friday, April 20th - 10:30am to 2pm

Please contact me for the most current half hour increments available!
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Those are my only live reading openings this week! I am available for phone readings in the evenings on these days, and Sunday April 8st and 15th from 2pm until 10pm.


Prince of Pentacles is ALWAYS my Male-Counterpart.

Today - The Prince of Pentacles???
It's early, and I have a whole day ahead of me. I'm not sure how to process this card. I don't work at the thrift store, but I have a BIG list of to-do's on my plate. Tarot readings in the email, gardening stuff, rabbit chores (gotta clean the cages today.) I have a ViSalus call with a woman who's joining the team and my upline, I need to get some seedlings into little pots in the house... and I really really want to do some yoga... and have a bath. My body is tired. I still have MUCH basement to do... but I don't think that's happening today.

So, I pull this card for my day. And it confuses me. Because when EVER I read THIS particular card, it ALWAYS represents a friend of mine who I lovingly refer to as another piece of my soul. If I were a man, I'd be THIS person. This is the ONLY card that CONSISTENTLY represents an actual person for me, and it is always this particular fellow.

So, I wonder... why this card today? I haven't had time to really think about what I'm supposed to be meditating on or thinking of today in terms of this card. Am I supposed to think of him? Behave like him? Approach the world like him?

I've been physically tired this week. My first week of STANDING all day, and 'going to work' (it's been a long long time since I 'went to work.') When I look at this card and think of my friend - our energy together makes him 'get up and go'. We can both be hermits, stuck on the couch and beyond relaxed - but when we are together, we are energetic and joking, we are talkative and energized.

The Prince of Pentacles is ready to go out into the world and find his fortune. But, with caution. Being careful of where his steps fall, he always has a plotted course.

I have no more time to write at the moment. If I have an AHA! Moment later, I will continue on this post....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wed and Thurs Card of Day - There's A Fire

Yesterday I drew The WORLD. It was my day off after working two, and I had lots on my plate. I drew it in the morning, the day after drawing Rebirth.... and I sat on it all day, not being able to figure out how to apply it. Yes, I have a world of choices right now. Yes, I'm capable of doing so much. But, I wasn't feeling like this card at all. I spent the day feeling tired, heavy, burdened. A better card to represent what was going on would have been the 10 of wands.

But, I'm sure this card was to keep me from burning out.

Today, I drew the 8 of swords for my card of the day.

I have a shift at the Thrift Store today. I am feeling emotionally and physcially tired. And I can't figure it out. It also feels like there's no time to honour or experience The Tired. I asked this morning on my Facebook page, before drawing the card, for the Goddess to "lend me some fire."
Drawing this card, the first thing I thought was "keep your mouth shut today."

Great. Because we ALL know just how adept I am at doing THAT. Ok... fine. A challenge. And then I saw something in this card that I've never EVER noticed before.

To sit still, feel like one can't move, while the fire is racing through the forest... Well, folks, I smell smoke. Things are burning clean through, and I want to run. There will be purification, I suppose. But, I'm not a woman of inaction.

And now I have run out of time, as I have to make school lunches and my own lunch and brush my hair and get moving for the day...

And now I've got THIS song in my head:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Card of the Day !

This morning I forgot to draw a card for myself!
I had a great day at work (do you know how WEIRD it is to say things like "I went to work" and "I was at work" and etc etc?? ) Anyway - I was having such a good time, that I worked through lunch. (shoved muffin and sandwich into my face in between touching all the stuff.)

I used my merchanising skills to rearrange the stuff in the thrift store today. The day went by SUPER FAST, and I was completely immersed in all of it - the customer service, the cleaning, all of the things required for minding the store.

So, tonight my legs are achy from walking around on my tip toes to see all the things and reach all the things on the shelf above the clothing racks (hehe.) but I'm feeling pretty settled about it all.

And, I decided to draw a card tonight, for the "day" that's already passed, asking "What do I need to take and learn from this day?"


The first thing I thought was "Whoa... Heavy."

Brand new things! The end of an old cycle, and an opportunity to begin again. Innocence and wisdom all rolled into one. The first thing I noted when I pulled the card was the Rabbit - and then the spirals behind it... life goes around and around, in a cycle, but never quite the same. The word "Herald" keeps being repeated to me, too... heralding a new beginning.

I'm a little sleepy right now, and not quite sure if I need to go any deeper with this card than this... I drew it. It felt good. It felt like a nice omen in terms of what the day meant today.

I'm good with that.

Tomorrow, I don't work (although I've filled the day with other things - meeting a lady during the day, plus a tarot class in the evening.) But, tomorrow I should remember to draw my card of the day in the MORNING! Hehe.


Rebirth from the Druidcraft Tarot. I love this deck!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Five of Swords

March 26th. It's 8:55am.

Todays card is the 5 of swords.


Today I start a part time job. It's been some time since I've worked for someone else. The five of swords, whenever I read it, is about letting things go for their own good. And doing it with finality, with a sense of responsibility. And that there can be no sense of sitting on the fence. "Go out into the world and learn some things." is often the phrase that accompanies this card for me.

And so, I suppose I should go out into the world and learn some things. There is definately a sense of sadness for me, in not having my studio anymore. Because I'm no longer doing any crafts or any art - I feel like I've packed it up and am being forced to move on from what I love doing.

However, if the card of the day seems to be encouraging myself to force myself to be ALL IN, then all in I shall be today. Because I do feel an inner resistance that I'm trying to put into place.

I'm sure I'll write again at the end of the day.

I had dreams last night also... rats! I was trying to change one of my 2 year old dream nephews (one of a twin, both red head boys) that had completely pooped himself while wearing tights. I was getting a coffee from the drive thru for my father (who had ordered it in his green Cordoba, and then parked, and made me walk ahead of all the other cars to stand at the window with my dream-nephews..) Anyway, I grabbed up the poopy one, who was trying to strip himself outside the window, and the other one followed me inside and downstairs to a bathroom. The light was off, so I flipped it on. Trying to wipe poop off the little guys butt, I felt my right nipple get bit. I turn around and there's another family there, and I say "did you see a dog?" and they said "no." Then I turn, and a rat is biting my finger. A big, black rat. I shake him off. Then he grips my arm, and all of his rat buddys come out from under a heater. I'm not panicking, but it DOES hurt. I try to drown him off under the faucet...

and I wake up. My right side was numb. I lay in the dark trying to figure out if it was just sleepy numb, if I wasn't fully awake yet. I was lying on my left side, and it seemed fine. I lay in bed another half hour, breathing.

I've had a tea. I had my ViSalus shake. I had a piece of bread with pumpkin butter on it. I licked some salt (bleck. Ground up sea salt off the finger, with a water chaser.) to try to get the blood moving. I don't want to panic, and I'm a little concerned that this might be psycosomatic. It was cold, bitterly, for the first time in 2 weeks... the wind has frozen my ear... and the bit of numbness that's left... I can't tell if it's from the wind or not.

So, I leave for new job in 2 minutes.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Todays Card - The Star

Today, for my card of the day, I drew The Star.

This made me happy. Because of everything that's been happening around me, I haven't felt the comfort of intuition, openness, and optimism in a few weeks.

Last night, after weeks of being unable to read for others, I completed some readings that have waited a long time in my inbox - and they were fast and clear. I had to shake my head at myself - how fast and easy, and RIGHT THERE my intuition and guides are available.

Life got stirred up QUICKLY, and I think the pieces have fallen into place. I'll be a busy lady, but I have a daybook to keep it all in check. So, drawing The Star today made me feel joyous.

Today, I remembered her message for me: Calm and healing have never really been that far away, but now I'm open to it. I paid attention to the natural openness and purity of the energy and power of emotion. I thought about confidence that it all will work out, and about allowing myself to love and be loved. Funny how calm it made me, and today I just feel so clear.

This card is from the Morgan-Greer tarot deck I've owned for about 10 years, but have only started reading the past few weeks - and only for myself so far.

Today I was also gifted a deck of the Gilded Tarot deck, which is an interesting deck and I'm wondering how it'll fit in.

Anyway, I plan on drawing a card a day for a little while, on my own new path. I think It'll be a random choice of which deck I use for my card a day experiement, and I plan on posting the card and my thoughts on how it relates to my day here on the blog.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Pivotal moments.

I have been in a pivotal life moment.

So, On Monday, I gave back the key to my little studio. I made dolls there, my sewing machine lived there with all of my crafty hoard, and I did my live readings there.

I had to give it up, quite frankly, because I couldn't pay the rent. I did well in February, but all the cash went to paying bills at the house. There was none to hold back for rent, and so I cleared out.

I was feeling heartbroken, sad, disappointed, angry.. ALL the things! I had to sell or give away most of what I had tucked away in there - material bits, crafty stuff, so much STUFF that I was working on, slowly but steadily. I did keep my sewing machine, some material, some patterns for clothing for myself and my pixies, my canvasses and paints, and a few other small crafty things. Much went to the various thrift stores in town. There will be some crafting mama's that are going to be VERY very happy.

As I write, there is still a load of things that needs to make it's way to my basement, or perhaps the walls. (there are a stack of my paintings on the kitchen floor right now that really REALLY shouldn't be there.) But once I got the last load home, I just quit. My brain shut off. I really was mostly trying to console myself from becoming hysterical and upset, by spending a lot of my day in hot baths, and mindlessly surfing. So, there is still so much to do.

I had tarot classes this week, and am doing them in the public library (because there are still a few weeks left.) I was extremely worried that they weren't going to work, as my spidey senses seemed to have shut off.

And I know why. It's because of this pivotal moment thing.

Almost always, I can confer with my guides about my own life path - something that I understand is quite hard for more psychics to do. I DO know however, that in THESE Big Life Moments where I have to make Big Life Decisions, everyone just GOES QUIET.

They're still there. I feel them and see them and can lament at them... why why why?? But, all I get is this LOOK from them. The "I'm remaining neutral, because you have to work this one out on your own" look.

I have readings that have been sitting in my email for about 10 days, because I'm getting THAT look from my Gabe.

Yesterday, I got a call from a girlfriend, looking for advice on doing her own tarot party (she reads, but I'm not sure how much for others, and she's still trying to become comfortable with her cards.) she asked my advice, how I handle things, and would I come to help read? The entire conversation ... well, I think I needed it.

I needed to be talking and thinking about this THING I do, and that she looked to me for guidance in it reassured me that, even though I DIDN'T see this stress coming for myself, and that my guides are letting me handle this with my own actions (Free Will!) , that I have the TOOLS needed... and that this has been feeling like a very very tricky test.

Is test the right word? I dunno.

So, there are some changes coming for me. The task is to be open to them, and accept that this change is coming for a REASON that will enrich and challenge my life in ways that CLEARLY I must be ready for.

I know that this, too, comes down to LOVE. I love helping, and I love using this skill to bring peace and answers, and I can't give up.

So, anyway, I'm not sure If I've tied all the ends up in this post, but I just wanted you all to know where the heck I've been, and why I've gone so quiet for a bit.

I'm developing a new routine for my readings, and once I get into the groove, all will be well. (Sometimes I'm SUCH a Taurus! lol.)

Blessings and love to you all,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

MARCH Free reading Draw.

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