Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Healing.

What a perfect day! It's the super sunny out, and CLEAR. I'm able to get clear pictures of the messages today. Sometimes, though, the messages you need to hear aren't exactly what you were hoping for.

There's work involved with healing. Some people really dislike when I bring it up. But, if you are open to being healed and can look your actions straight in the eye, your healing from situations in your life can happen fast. Much faster than the weeks and months that it COULD take.

My advice is to not box your pain away. Yes, it really hurts to take out the situation that caused you such pain or hurt, or to examine the reasons things went wrong and really address your part in it. Let the pain flow through you and out, instead of boxing it up inside. Keeping it inside KEEPS it with you. Setting it free allows it to leave you.

I know it's easy for me to just say "you are entering a period of healing." You're the one who has to do the work! It's worth it. When you're through, you'll be wiser and more grounded. Centred.

Today seems to be all about healing. Perhaps it's because tomorrow and the next are such BIG days for new beginnings, and if you can't learn from and let go of the past, how can you make big brand new steps into the future?

If you are looking for guidance in healing, or how to take steps into your new path, I'm available for phone or email readings! I can also give you a guided meditation over the phone to help you find healing. I've got a lot of energy today, thanks to the sun! And, I've got time for you.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Reading the Tarot

When reading the tarot, it's like a jump start to a whole slew of other things. It triggers me to be open to messages, guides, voices and hearing and smelling "things" to help get the message through. Reading the tarot is like putting all the right things in place for me to do psychic readings.

I like to have a candle burning, have a glass of water (which I almost never touch - I just have to have it there.) and on some occasions will burn incense. I spread my crocheted cloth out and unfold my cards from it, and take a few deep breaths, say a quiet little prayer.

When reading the tarot, I start to shuffle the deck, the meditation begins. I'll start to lose myself. (Really, I know it sounds wacky, but I seem to observe from some distance off.) so, during the reading I'll fidget with my hair and hands and face, and often will have a hard time making eyecontact because I'm "looking" around you. I'll place the cards on the cloth depending on how I'm inspired to. I usually like to warn people who I'm reading for in person of this... because, frankly, it can be unnerving if they aren't expecting it.

My favourite placements when reading the tarot are Horseshoe spreads, Celtic Cross spreads, and Year Wheel spreads.

It works very similarly when I'm reading on the phone, but you just don't get to see all the fidgeting! Reading the tarot on the phone is a completely different thing for me - in some ways it's SO much clearer for me, easier to get messages faster because your voice and all the messages are "in my head." In the minds eye? I'm not so much looking for them. With your voice in directly in my ear (I wear an operators type earphone and mic.) the messages seem more direct. I don't have to look around so much, because it's like you are already in my mind.

As well as a tool for fortune telling, I've used them for meditating, writing stories, and inspiration.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Can You Read Clients Energies Long Distance?

"Don't you have to be sitting with someone to read their cards?"

I read clients from all over the world. Some by email, some by phone. I've often been asked how I can do this at all. I think that such a long time meditation and visualizing, as well as a few other magical things, allows me to do this.

As discussed before, I don't really view the readings I do as coming from me. They come from something greater. And, that something greater touches all of us, no matter what name you give it. Energy, God, Universe, Spirit... We are all a little piece of the same thing, so doesn't it make sense that we should all be able to connect no matter where we are?

I start with permission and a statement of intentions. The person who wants to connect with me needs to be open to being read! When you reach out to me and give me permission to read you, it's permission to connect. I like the term "Guides." I believe we have them. Some might call them Angels. (although I'm sure Guides and Angels are traditionally different things - different folks need different ways to process things.)

So, when you ask your Guide to seek out mine, they help us connect. They are not bound by our earth "rules." They can connect in a second, when we are both open to it.

There's a special "room" I've created in meditation, where I go to feel and experience the connection. I'll see you in my mind sitting across from me, and see or feel or hear your Guides. Often I'll need interpretation or help from my own Guides, to give me the right words to explain the messages. They are often only images or feelings or smells, and I have to interpret them into words. That bit can be a challenge.

So, very basically, that is how I am able to do quick and accurate readings even if we are physically in two different locations.


Monday, May 23, 2011

How Can You Read Tarot Cards Long Distance?

Some have had questions about how I can do a reading for them long distance physically.

I wanted to explain about the system I use, called Keen.

I've used this phone system for 9 years, for a few reasons. It gives my clients privacy. When you call me through the phone system (Using the telephone icons I have on my various websites and ads.) your phone number or personal information is never revealed to me.

It also allows me to connect with anyone from the US or Canada for a single low long distance rate. This is pretty important. Basically, you connect with me using an 800 number, and often times pay LESS than what you would if you came to sit with me personally. (On the phone, my average reading time is about 5 to 10 minutes.)

Although, if you want to ask more questions, the time is entirely up to you. You are in control in regards to what you want to pay for your reading. If you only want to spend $10, you only credit your account with $10.

This is ANOTHER big plus for my clients. Your credit card is NEVER revealed to me or anyone else when you use my Call Me phone button. I don't personally collect the information, the phone system does. I have had my credit card information stored with them for the entire 9 years I have used the 800 number service, and have NEVER ever had a problem with it being used when I hadn't authorized it.

Using the Call Me phone button ensures that I am always READY to do a reading for you. When you see that I'm available, or I see that you have booked an appointment with me, I make myself ready. If people were just calling my regular line, you might get me when I wasn't 100% ready for a reading. Like, half way through dishes or scrubbing the floors or something :)

When my Call Me button is on, you know that I'm in a quiet, uninterrupted space and ready to give you an honest reading, and I'm completely focused on you.

Next time I'll explain how I psychically can read you long distance!

~Lori Grace

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Benefits of an Email Reading.

I do love doing phone and live tarot readings. These are my most preferred methods, because voice connection triggers me faster. However, getting an email tarot reading has it's own special place. It takes me a little more time to type out, but ultimately you'll get a full, fully formed reading.

One of the reasons I love doing email readings is that you get to keep the reading long term. If you have asked for a year wheel reading (to see the coming year in review, or want to know in what months to expect certain events to happen.) with an email reading, you get to keep that reading to review.

When I type out an email reading, I tend to be more descriptive. There's no time pressure to consider, and I can take my time to fully open up all the ideas that are being presented to me by my guides, the images I see. This is a wonderful tool for you to print out and keep close by if the advice is something you want to see day after day and keep fresh. It takes repetition to create a habit, and if you are working towards a goal or looking for change, it's good to keep the words in front of you to refer back to.

The only thing that an email tarot reading doesn't allow is for you to, in real time, ask questions back. Most times in an email reading I'll cover everything in your question, but occasionally that can lead to more questions in a different direction. In a live telephone reading I can address those new questions right away, but in an email tarot reading it requires a separate email.

Email tarot readings are often time more economical. I can generally do a phone reading in about 10 minutes. With an email reading, I can take as much time as I need to!


Fantastic News

I recieved some Fantastic News yesterday. Yes, Fantastic enough to deserve capitalization! This news has freed me - I feel so open and happy and the future looks bright!

I'm a big Law of Attraction fan. And mixed in with that, the idea that to give is to recieve. The more I help others, the more the Universe helps me and my loved ones. I feel like I'm celebrating with everyone, and give give giving love.

I just wanted to share that with everyone today :)


Monday, May 16, 2011

What Can You Give Away Over and Over Again?

"I had a really good reading today!" And this is all I can share with my beloved about what I do during the day. I'm good with that.

What strikes me as funny, is that even though I've been doing this for 16 plus some years, it always still seems amazing to me that I "got it right" or that the reading was "bang on." Again, because it's a mystery. It's a mystical sort of experience, that's really just beyond words.

I do get told that it's a gift. This makes me laugh, because it's a gift I'm always trying to give away in a sense! Haha! I'm a re-gifter. But seriously, I feel like it's not really my gift, but it is a gift to anyone I read for.

It's sort of like winning an award that they call you up on stage for and shake your hand and take photos... and all the while you know that you didn't really do any of the work. This comes from a source bigger than me. It doesn't feel right taking an award for being the bearer of the message...

Just some thoughts today.

I'm happy to be helpful. I'm happy that the answers come through for the right person at the right time. I'm happy when I hear happiness in the voice on the other end of the phone or at the other end of the table.

That's a pretty good gift.

~Lori Grace

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ego, You Must Go, Thank You Please.

Something I've been aware of, in this "living in the moment", is to mind my ego.

As in, keep that sucker on a leash, Lori.

Because all of this isn't about me. Every reading I do for you is all about you. Just a way to help others connect with what's already theirs, really. Your guides and your path. So, when thinking about how to describe myself to people who are interested in getting a reading from me, or doing their homework on it, I've had to be thoughtful.

I don't want to be a braggart, or make myself seem lofty. I only want to give you the confidence in your choice in choosing and trusting me with being the "middle-woman" between you and what already belongs to you in the first place.

When I sit to do a reading, I take a moment to let myself go. Politely ask my ego to sit in the next room, thank you please.

This often results in me not remembering what it is that I've said. There are some messages that are just for you, and have no purpose floating around in my conscious mind all day. So, occasionally when I read for you and get a message that I don't understand I'll say "Does that make sense to you?" Because I have no idea what I just said, or the message is 'hidden' so that only you'll understand.

In those moments, I don't even need you to explain to me what it means. Again, the message is for you, not me. No explanations needed.

So, rest assured, that when I'm available for readings, that those moments are all about you, and the messages that the Universe needs you to receive.



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does YOUR Psychic Have TIME to Really Connect?

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. I had the opportunity to chat with some new lovely people - made some very nice connections!

Although I have read for such a long time, my client base is fairly small (in comparison to other well known psychics - next to Sylvia Browne, my client base is pretty tiny.) But, what's really GREAT about that, is that I have the TIME to truly connect with people. I have the time to talk to people once every two to four weeks, and know exactly who it is I'm talking to.

It's not going to cost people a small fortune to get the reading they are looking for, either. My eyeballs almost fall out of my head when I see what some of the "famous" psychics ask for per reading. It doesn't seem fair, does it? Especially when we're capable of delivering the same messages.

Anyway, as it stand now, I have room and the time to commit to knew clients, and the time to really connect with my clients. The more often I read for the same clients, the easier the connection is between our spirits and our guides. They become familiar and trusting to each other, you know?

Have a great day! It's raining where I am today, which will keep me out of the garden. On the plus side, it keeps me close to the computer if you are looking to connect today.

Have a Blessed Day!


Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Learn the Tarot

I'm a self taught Tarot reader. Although I used the aid of a few key books, ultimately it was meditation on each card, or cards in a spread, that helped me "memorize" my cards.

I started out with a Rider Waite deck. This is the deck most usually recommended for people just starting out. I spent 14 years reading them before finding another deck that spoke to me. I still have my very well oiled Rider Waite (mostly for money readings.) but I'm currently using The Druid Craft Tarot. I've spent a year and a half meditating on them, and am only now feeling comfortable enough with them to read for others with them.

If you are trying to learn your cards, this is the most simple way to start.

Ask yourself a question, with intentions of doing a 3 or 7 card horseshoe spread.

Use your book to read the cards, and put the message and answer to your own question together in your head. Then, pick the few main cards that really speak to your question.

Next to your bed, on a little shelf, where you can see them before you go to sleep and as you wake up, prop your cards. This gives you all night to think on them. Leave these cards there for a few days, up to a week.

To add to this, if you are good at visualizing, before you drift to sleep do a little excersize. Put yourself INTO one of the card. Talk to the King, or the animal, or any character in the card. Walk around the scene. This will help you immensely in memorizing the cards, getting them implanted into your subconsciousness.

There are other ways to help you along your way, and I'll cover these in future blogs.


My First post!

Well, if you haven't been to the website yet, an awful lot about who I am is there. However, eventually, an awful lot of me will be HERE too.

I have always been a lucid dreamer. When I was little, I had a hard time differentiating between what was happening while awake and asleep. It makes for some interesting memories!

I've also just "known" about people close to me passing away, or new births on the horizon. I kept quiet about it as a kid. I'm not sure how I KNEW to keep quiet, but I always felt I should just not say anything.

I've read tarot cards for over 16 years! (Oh man, has it been THAT long?? *doing math in head* ... YES. yes it has.) I read intuitively, although I've spent lots of time studying the archetypes of the cards. I have done many readings for many many people, individually and in groups. I get asked back a lot :) That's a nice feeling.

So, even better... I hear "things." I see "things." Sometimes I don't know how to explain how I just "KNOW" things. But, that's how it is. I've accepted it as a gift, and my goal with it is to always help other people who are stumbling on their paths, or need a bit of guidance.

I'm looking forward to see how this page grows - and I'm also a writer, and I just generally need an outlet for thoughts.

I'm really excited.