Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dreaming to Psychic.

This whole psychic business with me didn't start as such. Not really.

I had imaginary friends who I ofcourse could SEE! (But was told they were imaginary, so I left it at that.) As a child I had dreams that I couldn't divide from reality. I thought my dreams WERE quite real, until I got older and started questioning my mother about memories I had. ("Do you remember visiting Santa, under the pavement in the parking lot? He had a big brass orchestra behind him?")

Dejanira (Autumn), Gustave Moreau

Up until the age of 10ish, I just KNEW things, but I had learned somewhere along the line to keep that stuff to myself. So I did. And then as a teenager, it all went out the window, and I was left with only my dreams to hint at other worlds, other dimentions.

It really wasn't until I was expecting my first child, and all the crazy dreams that come with pregnancy, that I began searching. Really poking at all the things.

I began writing down my dreams and interpreting them. (or NOT interpreting them! Some of them were just things to do, places to be, in other realms.) At this same time, I bought my first deck of tarot cards.

From there it bloomed into more study, in waking life AND dreaming life, to now, where I am now a channel and medium, as well as learning everyday to better my healing hands energy work. There was a lot of learning in all those 20 years, and I know there's so much more.

But for me, the first step was in the Dreaming. Paying attention, taking it as a serious part of my life.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Elmvale, Ontario Attractions

Elmvale!  It's got the Jungle Zoo, and Rounds Ranch, and the Elmvale Auction sales barn and flea market.  It's got a pile of wonderful little shops like Jacks on Queen, and Be Still Bookstore and the Elmvale Bakery. Lots of little vintage shops, and the Maple Syrup festival and the Fall Fair are off the charts...

And pretty soon, Elmvale is gonna have ME! The Little Witch, psychic tarot reader.

A woman I adore is opening a shop downtown Elmvale in May. And she's invited me to come and read there. I am SO excited for this. Because I adore Elmvale.

It's small, and sweet, and yet there is still so much to do there. It's close to Barrie and Wasaga Beach, but it's still just so cozy. I'll drive there just to sit in the little diners and write.

Readings will still be the same amount, even though I've got a bit of travel to get there. If I can fill my days with readings, by appointment or walk in, I'll be happy. Mostly, I'll just be happy to spend a day in Elmvale.

Come and join my Facebook page for updates. Right now her project is still super top secret, so I can't tell you anything about the store yet! Only that I'LL BE THERE!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Time has been unbelievably challenging....

I have screwed up my schedule more than once. In big mysterious ways. I'll be convinced I have no work, and get texts from people in the places I'm supposed to be. Wake up feeling like I should be some where, but I have zero clients. I've been mixing up entire weeks. (I was convinced today was the 16th. It is not. It is the 9th.)

This has been happening for... I want to say two weeks, but TIME HAS BEEN HARD, so it might be longer.

Today, I thought I had no work till noon. I had settled comfortably into the plans I had for the day, when I got a text from a friend saying she would be late to my office. Late to my office? Why was she going there???


However, my readings today were HOT HOT HOT.

On point, quickly. Little details came easily. The messages flowing through were filled out.

I wonder if there's a correlation, with me not really being HERE too much, timewise, and being able to tap into OVER THERE so easily.

Anyway. That was today. Ish.