Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes STUFF happens to the Tarot Lady who's normally the person who people go to for advice... And the Tarot Lady has to work extra hard to get the advice for herself. (And she also cringes a little at being referred to as "Lady." She just swears too much for that. Heh.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago the Universe SEEMED to be lining something up perfect. I've been diligently getting into the flow with a THING, and all seemed to be coming together. It seemed inevidible. The THING I had been focusing on for.. (counts on fingers) at LEAST 14 years, was HERE.

...And then it wasn't. The answer, after filling out forms and having everything point to "this is how this is going to happen for you and your family!" ended in.. "Oh, you don't qualify."

So. This week has been about me working on paying attention to where the flow IS, not where I want it to be. 14 years is a LONG time, and I'm challenged with finding where I should be focused, when I spent so long focusing on this one THING.

When I get like this, I sort of feel like I have no business advising anyone else. So, I've been writing. I've been dreaming, and writing them down. I've been bouncing it off my closest of close friends.

I've come to realize first, and sort of seperately from the actual THING, that it's sometimes a challenge to ask for help. But, what a relief when I find that the help is THERE. I feel loved and cared for. Is that how clients feel, when they come to me looking for help? I hope they do.

I've also been aware that I'm doing FAR more Medium/Channelling STUFF than pulling out the cards to inquire about the material or touchable futures for clients. I think it must just be easier for me... I'm not really ME in those moments, anyway.

I'm working on it. I'll be diving into parties soon with OCTOBER looming. (I love parties.)


Friday, September 12, 2014

Tarot Reading Party Availability - September 2014.

If you have a bachelorette party that you are hoping to have readings at, or birthdays, or just cottage get togethers, book me early!

ALSO, Appointments always available during the weekday in my office for individual reads.

Friday, Sept 5th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 6th - Afternoon party OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 7th - Afternoon party - 1pm start.

Friday, Sept 12th - BOOKED
Sat, Sept 13th - BOOKED
Sunday, Sept 14th - BOOKED

Friday, Sept 19th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 20th - Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 21st - Afternoon Party 1pm start.

Friday, Sept 26th - Eve Party
Saturday, Sept 27th - Afternoon OR Eve Party
Sunday, Sept 28th - Afternoon Party 1pm start.