Friday, June 9, 2017

Almost Summer! And, I've Lost My Voice

Last Saturday (nearly a week ago!) I went down to my basement to clean. To try and make some sense of what I'm dealing with down there, to start the process of getting rid of things that I don't need. Make room for some new shelves for the things that I DO want to keep.

So, I moved a lot of dust, and I think I was exposed to some mold on some old clothes that had gotten wet from being on the floor after my washing machine flooded... and I've been SICK. Swollen throat, then sore, now hoarse and voiceless. I can feel my body working overtime to get rid of it.

And still, my basement is a disaster.

Also, this has all but put a stop to me working on just about anything. Can't talk, so no readings. Coughing and lots of nose blowing, so I'm not locking myself up in a small room with anyone to do Reflexology. Even if I may not be contagious, it sure SEEMS like I am.

Anyway, that's a long way to tell you I have no voice right now.

My intentions, once summer gets going, is to be back at weekend markets doing readings, and selling the few things that I make. I LOVE being outside on beautiful days, in the tent, with a table and 2 chairs, doing readings.

My weekdays are packed, I've booked so many weekday work THINGS already for almost the whole summer. But, there are still weekends available for house parties and events.

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